A Special Selection from VIDA Wines & Spirits to toast the festive season!

With Christmas just around the corner, newly launched VIDA Wines & Spirits UK has specially highlighted their best pick of wines from their buyers. Peter Morrell tastes an excellent example


Whilst VIDA Wines & Spirits specialises in the Central and Eastern European wine regions, the online site also showcases a range of quality wines from across Europe all available to UK consumers online. The wines are especially chosen to fit any budget or taste bud.

Thinking back to my teenage years, when wine was something of a mystery, I remember taking a bottle of Hungarian Egri Bikavér, known as ‘Buils Blood’ to a party. I, and my fellow party goers, struggled to drink it. Now, decades later, Eastern Europe like many other wine growing area have refined their harvesting methods, vinification, and aging to the point where the region is producing elegant, well made, and very enjoyable wines. Now quality takes precedence over quantity.

Thanks to Vida Wines & Spirits these wines are now available for purchase in the UK, and Vida has given me a list of recommendations from their buyers for you to enjoy over Christmas. To see how the wines have improved, I’ve tasted one of them from Vida, the Kvaszinger Furmint Superior 2018 from the Tokaj region of Hungary.

The Furmint grape is native to Hungary, and despite its very pleasing aroma, taste, and flavour profile, is relatively unknown in the UK. The Kvaszinger Furmint has delightful aromas of crisp green apples, oak, and flowers in the bouquet. In the mouth it has a creamy feel, and flavours of citrus, honey, and white peach quickly emerge. The wine has good minerality, with well balanced acidity, making it ideal to drink with food. Pair the wine with seafood, South-East Asian dishes, and salads. A final, impressive feature of this wine is its finish – Strong, lingering and fruity.

The Kvaszinger Furmint Superior 2018 is a perfect example of how far Eastern European wines have progressed since the late 90s.

Here are some other suggestions for Christmas and the New Year

Under £10 wines for the perfect Xmas party!
  • VIDA EXCLUSIVE: VIDA Viognier 2020 Vida Wines and Spirits UK, £9.99. This wine is delicate on the nose with great elegance and wide aromatic nuances. A beautiful mix of aromatic herbs, apricot jam and touches of toast on the palate. Perfectly enjoyed with Asian foods, white meats or succulent cheeses.
  • VIDA Direct from Vineyard: Averesti Selectie Cabernet Sauvignon NV Vida Wines and Spirits UK, £7.99. This medium bodied Romanian marvel is the perfect Christmas party trick, with its full-bodied and great depth, and rich aromas of black cherries. This wine goes well with antipasti, meats or depending on which side of the equator you are spending Christmas, a BBQ.
Under £15 wines for every wine lover!
  • VIDA Direct from Vineyard: Kristančič Chardonnay 2019 Vida Wines and Spirits UK, £14.69. This sublime wine is complex and elegant and develops well on the palate. Fruity, fresh and with small mineral notes. This wine has won several awards including Silver medal at DWWA 2020. This wine taste is sublime with poultry, pork, butternut squash and sweet potato foods.
  • Angerhof – Tschida Beerenauslese 2017: Angerhof-Tschida Beerenauslese 2017 Vida Wines and Spirits UK ,£13.89. This exquisite wine has pronounced stone fruit, especially peach and ripe pineapple with a touch of light spice. It has great depth on the palate with a lot of minerality and saltiness. This wine is perfectly paired with light deserts, sorbets or fresh fruits.
Under £30 wines to gift your loved ones!
  • VIDA direct from Vineyard: Kristančič Pavo Cristatus Classic Cuvee 2014 Vida Wines and Spirits UK, £21.29. This showstopper from Slovenia is a fuller bodied style of Rebula blend, with four years ageing on lees which expresses complex flavours of baked fruit, brioche and toast. The perfect aperitif for Christmas day, or one to gift to a loved one. It is recommended to nibble on some fresh canapes such as smoke salmon.
  • Karl Fritsch Riesling Mordthal 2019: Karl Fritsch Riesling Mordthal 2019 Vida Wines and Spirits UK, £21.79. This exquisite medium yellow-green colour attractive wine accentuates stone fruit, yellow apple and honey blossom notes. It is elegant, well structured with minerality and special texture. It is slightly sweet and has long length and fantastic ageing potential, the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. This showstopper bodes well with lean meat, and would be beautifully enjoyed with Turkey if that is the roast in question on Christmas day!

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VIDA Wines & Spirits UK VIDA UK is the third branch on the fast-growing VIDA family tree, following on teams in Sofia & Vienna. Named after the Baba Vida medieval fortress in Northern Bulgaria, VIDA seeks to champion Central and Eastern European wines & spirits in an authentic and innovative light. Thanks to a local network from the West Danube to the Black Sea, as well as via their very own 6 hectare estate, they aim to encourage the rediscovery of the Forgotten Old World, from established icons to rising stars.

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