Introducing Two Bees Pure Honey

Peter Morrell becomes an instant honey convert after tasting the purest ethically sourced honey from all corners of the globe from Mexico to Zambia to Australia

Two Bees

I’ve always had a very ambivalent attitude towards honey. I sometimes pop a jar into my supermarket trolley to use as a marinate formpork spare ribs. The honey I buy is a light yellow colour, very runny, with virtually no taste or smell

I recently came across a range of new honeys from Two Bees. This is a characterful collection of pure honeys from all corners of the globe. The Two Bees honey experts go to the ends of the earth (quite literally) to track down top-notch local farmers and beekeepers and work with them to deliver delicious, and varied, 100% pure single-source, luscious, natural honey.

I recent tried all six honeys in the range, and after opening the first jar swiftly realised that this tasting would be akin to a sampling of fine wines. All the honeys are ‘single estate’, and their characteristics are determined by the climate, soil type and flowers in territory where the bees collect the honey (the terroir). Each honey has distinct aromas in the bouquet, powerful flavours on the palate, differing mouthfeels (textures), and a lingering aftertaste (the finish).

The other thing that surprised me was the range of colours, the Zambian Mountain was as dark as treacle, with muscular flavours, while the Mexican Orange Blossom was lighter in colour with more delicate, complex flavours.

Of course these honeys can be used as ingredients for cakes and marinades, but they are best added to porridge or yoghurt, or eaten with croissants where their smell, taste and varying textures can be fully appreciated.

Don’t forget that honey also has a wide variety of health benefits, it’s rich in anti-oxidants, is anti fungalk and bacterial, and is good for the digestion.

Trying Two Bees Honey was a real eye opener for me, and completely changed my additude to this delicious and versatile food.

The honeys I tried were

Mexican Yucatan Pure Honey

A smooth, amber honey straight from the Mayan beekeepers of the Yucatan Peninsula. Here, the bees enjoy a gloriously lush habitat, foraging on the blossoms of Dzidzilche, Tzalam, Kanchunub and other exotic flowers.

Mexican Orange Blossom Pure Honey

These lucky bees have been feeding on the aromatic blossoms of Mexican orange tree plantations. This fragrant honey has an intoxicating, deep and satisfying soft, citrus aroma followed by a rich orange flavour and long-lasting floral accents.

Western Australian Pure Honey

In this fertile habitat, bees forage on the native plants of Jarrah, Marri, and Banksia. The result is a unique, complex honey with a full-bodied earthiness, a subtle touch of malt, and a warm caramel sweetness.

Eastern Australian Pure Honey

The flowering eucalyptus trees of Eastern Australia are a true bee paradise. The resulting honey has a soft, rich sweetness of the blossoms, an elusive hint of menthol and an earthy depth.

Zambian Lowlands Pure Honey

Here, in this remote and diverse habitat, the bees forage all day long on tropical blossoms. The result is a rich, complex, dark honey with a strong, robust taste.

Zambian Mountain Pure Honey

Sourced in a unique habitat high up in the remote mountain forests of Zambia, this exceptional honey has huge notes of mountain blossoms. Silky-smooth in the mouth, it has a rich amber colour and intense floral accents.

About Two Bees

Two Bees support smaller businesses, local farmers and the countries the honey comes from by only transporting when in season and by sustainable, eco-friendly methods.

Two Bees are very serious about honey and ethical, planet-friendly bee welfare is top of their priority list. That’s why they always source direct from the beekeeper, helping the economy and environment at the same time. They also take responsibility for the brand’s impact; Two Bees honey arrives by sea and is jarred in the UK. Production is seasonally led and new varieties will be added when the Two Bees honey experts – with over 40 years of experience – set out on their honey-sourcing adventures.

Two Bees Honey, RRP £5.99 for 250g, is available from

A 6 pack assortment box is also available from and, RRP £35.94

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