Explore new great value wine brands exclusive to Tesco

The new Tesco range of exclusive wine brands are perfect to help expand your go-to wines and with each bottle under £5, they won’t break the bank either

Tesco 1

From classic Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon to lesser-known wine styles such as Chenin Blanc, Riesling and Tempranillo, the selection of great value wines is a perfect way to explore the wine aisle for less.

A selection of great value wines:

Taparoo Valley Shiraz, 14% abv, £3.99

This medium-bodied Shiraz from Australia is bursting with ripe cherry and plum flavours, with a hint of spice. This pairs well with grilled vegetable kebabs or aged hard cheeses.

Lateral Cabernet Sauvignon, 12.5% abv, £3.89

From the heart of Chile, this wine is made with one of Chile’s most important red grapes. Medium-bodied with a smooth, balanced finish, blackcurrant flavours and a touch of spice, this wine pairs deliciously with a juicy steak or baked portobello mushrooms.

Casa Maña Tempranillo, 12% abv, £3.69

This fruity medium-bodied Tempranillo is full of red and dark fruit flavours, with just a hint of spice. An excellent match for spicy penne all’arrabbiata or beef burritos.

Firemark Malbec, 13% abv, £4.49

A smooth and fruity Argentinian Malbec, with aromas of plums and fig with warming spice notes, and flavours of blackberry. Serve with roasted red pepper dishes or grilled pork chops.

Lateral Chardonnay, 12.5% abv, £3.99

Produced with one of the most widely planted grapes in the world, this Chilean Chardonnay is dry yet fresh and fruity, brimming with tastes and aromas of tropical fruits and light buttery notes. Serve with creamy potato salad or grilled chicken dishes.

Taparoo Valley Sauvignon Semillon, 12.5% abv, £3.99

This classic white blend is dry and full of apple and gooseberry flavours, which makes it perfect to serve with fresh garden salads or pan-fried scallops.

Caparelli Pinot Grigio, 12% abv, £4.50

This crisp and fruity Pinot Grigio is produced in Northern Italy. It has delicious flavours of citrus and red apple and pairs beautifully with risotto primavera or seafood spaghetti.

Cape Kyala Chenin Blanc, 11.5% abv, £3.79

This bright Chenin Blanc made from South Africa’s signature grape has flavours of melon, white peach and ripe lemon with a crisp finish. Try pairing it with crab pâté or grilled asparagus pasta.

Blaumeister Riesling, 11% abv, £5.00

This classic German Riesling boasts balanced flavours of sweet baked apples and zingy citrus with a refreshing finish. Delicious served alongside a Thai green vegetable curry or roasted pork with apple.

Caparelli Italian Rosé Blush, 12% abv, £4.29

This delicately refreshing rosé has crisp flavours of red berries and citrus fruit. Serve chilled as an apéritif or with vegetarian pizza.

Casa Maña Tempranillo Garnacha Rosé, 11.5% abv, £4.50

This deliciously dry and fruity rosé is made from two of the major Spanish grapes – Tempranillo and Garnacha. It offers aromas of strawberries and raspberries with juicy berries on the palate. Serve alongside tomato bruschetta or grilled salmon.

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