Beer and Gastronomy Events in Picturesque Flanders

World renown for its characterful beers and delicious food, Flanders is opening its doors this Spring to welcome foodies and allow them to rediscover their cuisine

Antwerp 1
Here are some events that are lined up for your enjoyment

Ghent Smaakt 26-29 May 2022

Ghent City Centre – Food Festival

For four full days, Ghent’s market place on the Emile Braunplein is transformed for the Gent Smaakt culinary event when twenty or so restaurateurs and caterers serve up their very best. Visitors can enjoy mouth-watering dishes and drinks during an appetising walk through the luxury dining tents or take a breather in one of the cosy terraces. Gent Smaakt! can be visited free of charge. Drinks and meals are paid for using ‘Gentse Stropkes tokens’.

Leuven Innovation Beer Festival 21-22 May 2022

Velodroom, Leuven- Beer Festival

For the 6th time, the Leuven Beer Innovation Festival is about to open its doors once again. After a long wait, fans can look forward to an array of 16 international breweries gathering under one roof with a focus on the new and innovative. Taking place in Leuven’s Velodroom venue tickets start at €10 which includes 3 tokens and a glass, thirsty visitors can opt for a 7 token ticket for just €20, with options to buy more. A more sedate and smaller scale beer festival but nevertheless this festival provides some of the very best of the most up and coming beers with creativity in mind.

Toer de Gueze 2022

Watch The Lambic Round Table Live event Friday 29 April 2022 @ 19.00

On Friday 29 April at 19:00(BST) , on the eve of the Toer de Geuze 2022, HORAL, the organisation behind the Tour de Gueze, will be hosting a new livestream event: The Lambic Round Table in advance of the physical event in Flanders. The unique style of Belgian beers come in many forms and flavours. Ever since 1997, a bi-annual Toer de Gueze event takes place in the Lambic producing breweries around Brussels to celebrate its very special spontaneously fermented sour gueze beers. Its production is very much part of an age old tradition that is specifically unique to this region of Belgium. For those who can’t attend in person, join famous Lambic personalities will debate key issues relating to Lambic’s history, culture, and production. The panel includes award winning beer-writer Breandán Kearney and hope to engage bars across Europe to participate in the event. The livestream lambic debate can be watched via

Taste of Antwerp

Waagnatie Food Festival 26-29 May 2022

The Taste of Antwerp is the biggest culinary festival in Antwerp. The great selection of top participating restaurants, the beautiful location next to the River Schelte, and the creativity of presentation make this festival one of the top culinary festivals in Belgium.

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