New fitness café opens on Brompton Road

Volonté, an inclusive wellbeing café announces launch in Kensington


Volonté, a new café and fitness space promoting inclusivity and balance puts the spotlight on nutrition and well being, opening its doors in the heart of Kensington

Co-founded by female duo Vidushi Binani and Haylene Ryan, South West London’s newest café and fitness studio will operate on forward thinking, feminine strength and a passion for the benefits of balance. Encouraging people to make smart choices the easy way, Volonté, will draw on Binani and Ryan’s expert knowledge of food and wellbeing, and their energetic ethos of nurturing health, thoughtful fitness and nourishment.

Celebrating all food groups, the café is a tasty and all-inclusive food experience, meaning that no food group is side lined. The feel-good menu will showcase sustainable, seasonal, and ethically sourced produce as well as wholesome ingredients. Whether you’re grabbing a post-workout protein smoothie, dropping in for a barista-style coffee after the school run, or catching up with a friend over some fulfilling bowls – Volonté invites you to invest in your sustainable wellbeing.

Binani, a former graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, leads the café with her deep knowledge, love and understanding of nutrition and food groups. Designed to emulate the name, the menu exists to encourage willpower, moderate portions and treats, limiting consumption and avoiding excess. Standouts include the Snickers Protein Smoothie – banana, peanut butter, Nootropics adaptogenic coffee, cocoa powder and oat milk and your choice of protein, Chipotle Bowl – a delicious combination of Mexican flavours and ethically sourced ingredients including quinoa, broccoli, black beans, chipotle chicken, spiced tomato salsa, crispy onions for a nutritionally balanced meal and the perennial brunch classic Poached Eggs with a side of Volonté Breakfast Fritters for a breakfast packed with a nourishing punch.

Vidushi Binani, co-founder comments: “Volonté is a lockdown passion project turned reality! Haylene and I have been friends for over a decade and together we have a unified approach to food and fitness. We can’t wait to share our lifestyle ethos with hungry and energetic Londoners.”

Born out of a personal belief that health and wellness should embody a life of active abundance rather than restriction, the duo have combined their personal experiences and vibrant cultures to create a hub for the community and realising their joint vision of a nourishing social environment to restore, energise and connect.

299-301 Brompton Road

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