The Coconut Collaborative Introduces…

… the UK’s First Plant-Based Gut Health Yoghurt Range

Coconut Collab

  • Launched May 2022 into Sainsbury’s stores nationwide
  • The first plant-based yoghurt range on the UK market dedicated to supporting gut health
  • 100% plant based, dairy-free gluten-free and soya free
  • Range includes x1 350g pot of plain yog RRP £2.75 and x4 pack of 100g strawberry yog pots RRP £3.00
  • Packed with billions of live cultures, calcium, vitamins D, B6, B12 and fibre, which help contribute to a healthy digestive and immune system
  • Thick textured with a mild, creamy taste

The Coconut Collab – a small British company creating delicious, plant-based yogs and puds using the humble coconut – is delighted to announce that it has launched UK’s first plant-based yoghurt range dedicated to promoting better gut health. The new Gut Health, Cultured Coconut Yog range has launched into Sainsbury’s stores nationwide on 8th May 2022. Fermented in the traditional way without compromising on quality or taste, each pot boasts multiple strains of live gut-loving cultures, resulting in a luxurious thick and creamy texture. The range features a 350g pot of plain yog (RRP £2.75) perfect for smoothies, breakfast bowls and dressings, as well as a x4 pack of 100g strawberry yog pots (RRP £3.00) for on-the-go snacking.

Research shows that over 90% of serotonin receptors are found in our stomachs – meaning a healthy tummy can help stimulate a release of our happy hormones. With this in mind, The Coconut Collab set out to create a range to aid overall gut health, and in turn helping towards supporting a happier mind. Each yog is packed with billions of live and active bacteria, essential for sustaining a diverse gut microbiome. Also containing prebiotic fibre, calcium and vitamins D, B6 and B12, all of which promote a healthy digestive and immune system.

Naturally free from both dairy and gluten, only the freshest, ethically farmed coconuts are used in the making of these yogs. Taste has always been at the forefront of all innovations from The Coconut Collab; meticulously formulated to eliminate the usual tangy taste often associated with other gut health yoghurts on the market. The Cultured Coconut yoghurt range offers a mild, creamy taste that will suit even the most discerning of palates and won’t interfere if using with other ingredients.

As part of its ‘Together Under One Tree’ initiative, The Coconut Collab work with Pur Project to support and regenerate the fragile ecosystems they rely on for their delicious natural ingredients. Since 2015, The Coconut Collab have planted over 20,000 trees spanning 14 different mangrove and tree species in order to promote the restoration and regeneration of coastal communities in Bali. Through the continued community-led initiatives directly supporting both conservation and restoration of marine, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems, promises biodiversity through an abundance of planting, as well as an income for the local farmers involved. The combination of these efforts is imperative to ensuring a more positive and sustainable future for the planet.

The Coconut Collab Gut Health, Cultured Coconut Yog range now available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide

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