Add a splash of Aussie sunshine to your summer get-together

A guide to delicious summer wines and their perfect pairings

Peace Wines

The summer season is almost upon us and little else beats enjoying some of life’s greatest pleasures – delicious food and wine – amongst the company of friends and family.

Aussie wine maker, Andrew Peace, has produced a trio of fantastic, mouth-watering wines that will be the perfect accompaniment to your summer celebrations.

From their stunning vineyard in the Murray Valley, Victoria, family-owned brand Andrew Peace produces excellent quality wines that can be found in Co-op stores nationwide.

Whether the wines are paired with succulent, juicy barbecued meats, refreshing summer salads or canapes at sundown, each signature blend brings a special flavour pairing that will elevate any summer occasion.

All three wines can be found on promotion throughout summer – making them the go-to range for all your al-fresco dining needs.

Peter Morrell, Editor comments “A person I respect in the wine trade told me that the wine buyers at the Co-op have a knack of spotting high quality wines. I recently put this to the test by tasting three wines made by Australian winemaker Andrew Peace, which are all available from the Co-op. Here are my reviews.

Andrew Peace Signature Shiraz 2021 (13.5% ABV) – £5.75, Co-op

This is a smooth, full-bodied red wine made from Shiraz grapes with a touch of Tempranillo. There are strong aromas of blackberry and blackcurrant together with hints of cherry in the bouquet. As it moves onto the palate the black fruit remains, and hints of spice, smoke, vanilla, and oak emerge. The tannins are smooth and give it a bold velvety mouthfeel. The finish is long and fruity.

In the UK corner, Lemony Pork Kebabs with a Feta & Red Pepper Sauce by Genevieve Taylor is a great companion for the wine. Click here… to view the recipe.

Andrew Peace Signature Chardonnay 2021 (13% ABV) – £5.75, Co-op

This is a refreshing and rich white wine blended from the Chardonnay grape with a touch of Semillon. On the nose there are fresh tropical aromas of melon and citrus fruit. Once in the mouth flavours including papaya, peach and mango emerge. There are touches of vanilla, and the wine has a pleasant buttery feel, the lively acidity makes it ideal to pair with food.

Representing Australia, Shaun Presland’s Teriyaki Basted Grilled Salmon Skewers recommends the perfect pairing for this. You can find the recipe here…

The Unexpected Red 2021 (14% ABV) – £6.75, Co-op

Unexpected by name and by nature, this is an off-beat blend of four classic grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillio with Sagrantino. The last grape is a native of Umbria but thrives in Australia where it adds fruitiness and tannins to red wines. The wine pours a dark garnet red, giving a clue to its depth. There are strong aromas of black summer fruit, cherries, and spice in the bouquet. In the mouth this is a big, full-bodied wine with lots of character, Flavours are many and varied, there is oak, vanilla, cedar, and cloves. There is also an intriguing tone of mint that you catch just before the finish. The Sagratino supplies lots of tannins, which makes the wine pleasantly dry. The finish is strong and persistent.

U.S. DJ BBQ shares his San Diego Style Surf & Turf Taco recipe that is the perfect match for this wine. See the recipe by clicking here…

These are three very good wines from Andrew Peace and are remarkably good value for money. My wine trade friend was right, the Co-op wine buyers know how to pick quality wines.

These wines are available from the Co-op, and all vegan friendly.

For more information about Andrew Peace wines go to

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