Virginia Rye Whisky in the UK

Peter Morrell enjoys the intense aromas, tastes, and flavours of Catoctin Creek Distilling Co’s Roundstone Rye 80 Proof

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co Product Range

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co., The Virginia Rye Whisky ℠, is now offering its full line-up of award-winning rye whisky in the UK. These include Roundstone Rye 80 Proof, Roundstone Rye 92 Proof Distiller’s Edition, and Roundstone Rye Cask Proof. All products are single barrel pot-stilled whiskies made from 100% rye.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. was founded by Scott and Becky Harris in 2009. Inspired by the history and craft of Virginia, Catoctin Creek made a name for itself as the first legal distillery since Prohibition in Purcellville, Virginia’s Loudoun County.

The craft distillery is home to Virginia’s most-awarded whisky, Roundstone Rye, which has been presented gold medals across the globe and stands out through its old-world production methods. Catoctin Creek prides itself on sourcing rye whisky, gin, and seasonal brandy from local grains and fruits, with spirits available in 23 states and 3 continents. The Harris’s intricate attention to detail results in high quality internationally acclaimed products, including seasonal releases and private cask offerings, that recognize the true craft of Virginia spirits.

Peter Morrell, Editor comments “I have tasted the award winning Roundstone Rye 80 Proof, and it’s outstanding. The style is of a pre-Prohibition rye whisky made with 100% rye grain. It is mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged in new charred white oak casks for a period of around two years before being bottled it at a very sippable 80 proof.

On the nose there are rich aromas of vanilla, fresh oak, tobacco, warm spices, and notes of citrus peel. As the whisky moves onto the palate it has a unique smoothness, and full-bodied mouthfeel. There are tones of caramel, raisins, and hazelnuts, the spicy flavours are carried through from the bouquet, and there are touches of dark chocolate. During the finish, the oak is stronger, with butter, and caramel toffee to the fore. The vanilla and cinnamon spice flavours persist, giving a warm glow.

“The Roundstone Rye 80 Proof is a lovely whisky to sip, and also has the versatility to be the ideal ingredient for whisky-based cocktails.”

Roundstone Rye 80 Proof is available in the UK from leading spirits suppliers like Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange, and Amazon.

To find out more about the distillery visit

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