Celebrate Mothers’ Day with A Taste Of California

It’s closing in on that time of year to celebrate the most important people in all our lives, our fabulous Mums! Peter Morrell tastes and reports

Mothers day wines from California

This Mothers’ Day, why not toast that very special lady with some delicious Californian wine. Whether you’re hosting a brunch, cooking a traditional Sunday Roast, or raising a toast to mums that can’t be there, California produces a brilliant selection of wines to fit every occasion and taste.

From bold, rich reds to refreshing and aromatic whites, these wines are sourced from the Golden State’s highest quality vineyards and are widely available throughout the UK. Here are just a few enticing options to celebrate this Mothers’ Day in true Californian style.

Dark Horse Chardonnay

RRP £8.50, available in retailers nationwide

This is a rich Chardonnay, with notes of apple and ripe stone fruit and layered with toasted oak. This is a perfect accompaniment for most white meat and fish dishes, including weekend favourites such as roast chicken, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, smashed avocado and halloumi and even creamy curries.

Apothic Cab

RRP £9.00, available from retailers nationwide

Peter Morrell Editor comments “I have tasted the Apothic Cab 2020, it is exceptional, with many levels of complexity, and a silky smoothness. The wine pours a dark ruby colour, the bouquet is an abundance of red fruit – brambles, blackcurrants, and raspberries. As the wine moves onto the palate its character develops with cassis, chocolate, tobacco, and oaky tones. For good measure there are strong vanilla and baking spice flavours. The tannins are silky and well balanced. The finish is very fruity and persistent.

This wine is great value, match the Apothic Cab 2020 with roast meats, and hearty stews, and it would also pair beautifully with Stilton and other strong cheeses.

Mark West Pinot Noir

RRP £11.00, available from Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Ocado and local stores

This medium bodied Pinot Noir has delightful aromas of black cherry, strawberry and plum, with soft, smooth tannins and a rich, refreshing finish. This wine is perfect pairing for grilled fish or white dishes, including Mothers’ Day favourites such as grilled salmon or roast pork and crackling.

Clos du Bois Merlot

RRP £12, available from Ocado

This classic rich and ripe Merlot displays aromas of ripe black cherry, brown spice and toasted oak. Each sip is rich in texture with notes of concentrated black fruit and mocha. This wine is a great pairing with a variety of warming game dishes including pasta ragù and roast pheasant. It’s also a fabulous option for a host of vegetarian dishes including grilled, spiced cauliflower steaks, nut roasts and Asian stir fries. The fruit character also makes it a great option for chocolate puddings and fresh fruit.

About the Producers

Dark Horse
Working side-by-side with 400 of California’s finest grape growers to earn the first pick of their harvest, Dark Horse brings you exceptionally crafted and well-balanced wine that overdelivers on your expectations.

Mark West
Founded in 1978, Mark West wines have always aimed to crafting remarkable wines that deliver exceptional quality. Since their beginnings they’ve been devoted to Pinot Noir, drawing their inspiration from the world-famous winemakers of Burgundy to showcase the aromas, flavours and textures that make their wines unique.

Clos du Bois
Clos du Bois wines are spectacular favourites reflecting the winery’s accessible and refined winemaking style. Working with a family of trusted growers from some of the best vineyards across California, each vintage is crafted to achieve balance, intensity, and true varietal character. Lush fruit flavours and a juicy, supple palate are the hallmarks of the Clos du Bois style.

Apothic blends Old World intrigue with modern sophistication to create exceptionally smooth wines. The winemaker lets the character and flavour of each grape variety guide the shape of these wines, creating enchanting blends that are bold in style and taste.

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