Celebrate Easter with a Taste of Californian Wine

There are many great reasons to enjoy Easter, one being is that Lent finishes and wine is back on the menu. Peter Morrell has a taste preview

Easter California

From here on in the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the noise and buzz of wildlife is returning to our shores.

This Easter weekend, whether you’re celebrating with a family lunch, packing a picnic basket for the park, or even just enjoying chocolate eggs in front of your favourite movie, California produces a brilliant selection of wines to fit every occasion and taste.

California is home to high quality, sun-drenched vineyards and world class wine makers, producing wines across many styles. From creamy, luxury white wines to spicy, bold reds, here are just a few delicious wines to celebrate this Easter weekend in true Californian style.

Estancia Chardonnay

RRP £14.00, available from Tesco

Estancia Chardonnay offers luscious aromas of pineapple and peach, blended with notes of almond and spice, leading to a creamy finish. Serve alongside classic dishes like melon and prosciutto, seared scallops, or butternut squash soup.

Clos du Bois Chardonnay

RRP £12.50, available from Ocado

Clos du Bois Chardonnay boasts intense aromas of apple blossom, ripe pear and citrus, complemented by hints of butter and toasty oak. Enjoy a glass chilled by itself or with chicken casseroles, grilled fish, creamy pasta dishes, or simply lightly tossed fresh spring vegetables.

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel

RRP £14.00, available from retailers nationwide

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel is a bold red bursting with luscious flavours of blackberry and black cherry, aromas of chocolate and spice and balanced acidity. This wine is perfect with roast lamb, slow cooked pulled pork, or creamy mac & cheese.

Apothic Red

Peter Morrell Editor comments “I have tasted the Apothic Cab 2020, it is exceptional, with many levels of complexity, and smoothness. The wine pours a dark ruby colour, the bouquet is an abundance of red fruit – brambles, blackcurrants, and raspberries. As the wine moves onto the palate its character develops with cassis, chocolate, tobacco, and oaky tones. For good measure there are strong vanilla and baking spice flavours. The tannins are silky and well balanced. The finish is very fruity and persistent.

This wine is great value, match the Apothic Cab 2020 with roast meats, and hearty stews, and it would also pair beautifully with Stilton and other strong cheeses.

About the producers:


With more than 30 years of experience, Estancia relies on the benefits of boutique-style winemaking techniques, including whole-cluster fermentation, gentle punch downs, and barrel fermentation, to deliver reliably consistent flavours across their portfolio.

Clos du Bois

Clos du Bois wines are spectacular favourites reflecting the winery’s accessible and refined winemaking style. Working with a family of trusted growers from some of the best vineyards across California, each vintage is crafted to achieve balance, intensity, and true varietal character. Lush fruit flavours and a juicy, supple palate are the hallmarks of the Clos du Bois style.


For over 35 years, Ravenswood has produced Zinfandels of exceptional quality and soul. Established in 1976, Ravenswood was one of the first on the scene to focus their winemaking efforts on the production of classically big and bold Zinfandel from Sonoma County and bring it to the world stage.


Apothic blends Old World intrigue with modern sophistication to create exceptionally
smooth wines. The winemaker lets the character and flavour of each grape variety guide the
shape of these wines, creating enchanting blend

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