A Very Special Gift for your Very Special Father

Choose one of the three expressions of Kraken Spiced Rum to give him a real luxury experience. Father to two Peter Morrell gets a preview taste

Kraken Cherry Tiki and Kraken Cherry Negroni

Kraken Spiced Rum is a very versatile drink that you can drink neat, with a mixer, or as an ideal base to build exotic cocktails. Named after a mythical sea creature, The Kraken, this rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago and made with molasses derived from sugar cane, it is aged for 1-2 years before being blended with 11 spices, including cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. The attractive bottle is modelled on a Victorian rum bottle, has two lug handles, and the label features an illustration of The Kraken. So the entire package has a strong feel of a luxury gift.

There are three variations of the rum, they are all spiced, the first has no additional flavourings, the second has roast coffee, and the third is flavoured with black cherry and Madagascan vanilla. See a full description of all three below.

I have been tasting the Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla variant. The rum pours an opaque black colour, and in the bouquet there are plentiful notes of warming spices, together with intense aromas of vanilla and cherries. As the rum moves onto the palate, the strong flavours remain, separate and well defined, giving it a very moreish taste. The rum is exceptionally smooth, and the finish is spicy and persistent.

I tasted the rum both neat and in a couple of cocktails. The first was a classic Cuba Libre, with the rum, Coca Cola, ice, and lime, this was punchy and very aromatic. The second was that Bermudan favourite, the Dark and Stormy. Pour 50ml of Kraken Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla Black Spiced Rum, 25ml of lime juice, and 100ml of lip-tingling ginger beer over ice. This was delicious, lifted by the addition of the cherries and vanilla. There are plenty more cocktail suggestions on The Kraken website, go to https://www.krakenrum.com/cocktails/

So if you are looking for gift that your Father will appreciate, give him a cracking Kraken

The Kraken family of spiced rums

Kraken Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla Black Spiced Rum – RRP: £26

Retailer: Tesco https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/313736751

The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla promises a fearsomely fruity and flavourful fusion of the signature black spiced Caribbean rum with rich cherries and an undercurrent of Madagascan vanilla, for a wildly delicious and refreshingly smooth finish. It is a seasonable and versatile flavour that is most refreshing when served simply with cola over ice, garnished with a lime wedge.

The Kraken Roast Coffee – RRP: £26

Retailer: Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kraken-Black-Spiced-Roast-Coffee/dp/B07HMX6YR6

A rich fusion of Spiced Caribbean Rum and fine Arabica Bean coffee, this flavour tastes every bit as devilishly intense as one might suspect – craftily balancing the rich, dark, smooth taste of coffee with the spices of the original Kraken Black Spiced Rum. The Kraken Roast Coffee is best being enjoyed as an Espresso Rumtini, vigorously shaken.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum – RRP: £26

Retailer: Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kraken-Black-Spiced-Rum-70/dp/B00DUXHO9E

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is an imported rum from the Caribbean blended with secret spices. The Kraken is bold, rich, black and smooth. For a sophisticated change make a Mojito, replacing the white rum with the Kraken Black Spiced.

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