New protein supplement designed exclusively for over 50s launched by dietitian

Only 25% of Brits over 50 are eating enough protein to prevent avoidable muscle loss. Peter Morrell and his wife trial this new product

Provytl 50+

A registered dietitian who wants to help the over 50s increase their protein intake has launched a new protein supplement designed to combat age-related muscle loss and maintain healthy body function.

Provytl 50+ is the only evidence-based daily protein supplement specially formulated to enhance and extend healthy, active living in the over 50s.

Being unflavoured with no sweeteners or flavourings and only 66 calories a sachet, Provytl 50+ is designed to suit a more mature palate.

Zoe Cottrell, registered dietitian and founder of Provytl says:
Provytl 50+ is designed to allow people to easily increase their protein intake by adding it to food and drinks to keep protein levels topped up throughout the day.

Working on both medical and surgical wards and often with older people who had experienced a fall, I found I spent a lot of time telling people the same message: as we age, we need to increase the amount of protein we consume to stay healthy.

Many people are not aware of this increased need and that’s why we have this protein gap between what we need and what we are consuming, which I want to help bridge with Provytl 50+.

We’ve also created a Protein Calculator on our website for an easy way for people to work out how much protein they should be eating each day.”

A new survey undertaken by Provytl found that fewer than 25% of people aged over 50 are consuming the recommended daily amount of protein, which is up to twice as much as people under 50 need.

Fewer women than men over 50 eating the recommended amount of protein

Worryingly, Provytl’s survey shows that 12.5% of women over 50 say they only consume their recommended amount of protein once a week and most people surveyed say they only eat their recommended amount 2-3 times a week.

Nearly 1 in 4 (22%) of those who do not eat enough protein say they don’t have the appetite to eat the required amount, while an additional 16% say they can’t afford it.

Miriam Stoppard, acclaimed media doctor, says “We never stop needing protein for the health of our muscles, bones and vital organs. As we get older, however, it becomes more difficult to be sure we’re consuming enough protein so a protein shake that can be taken as a drink or added to a food is a good way to top up our daily needs

Peter Morrell, Editor comments “My wife and I have been taking Provytl 50+ for the last week and we are already starting to feel the benefit. The Provytl website has a very handy calculator that shows, based on your weight, how much protein a day you should be consuming. My wife needed 76-95gm a day, while I needed a whopping 114-143gm. Below the calculator is a very useful guide that shows which foods are protein rich and how many grams they give you a day.

When working out what our intake was, I realised that we had drifted, without knowing, towards a protein light, semi-vegetarian diet. My protein deficit was quite large, my wife’s deficit was much smaller.

We were both ideal candidates to trial Provytl 50+, with a need to close the protein gap, so started to take it. Incorporating it into your diet is easy, my, wife added it to rolled oats when making her porridge, while I mixed it with oat milk to pour on muesli and fresh fruit. There are many inventive ways to consume Provytl 50+, home-made smoothies, soups, and biscuits to name three.

After a few days we both felt more energetic, and this trial was a wake up call that we all need to eat a balanced diet with a suitable amount of protein to remain fit and heathy.”

Provytl 50+ is available on their website, and there are a number of packs to chose, from trial to starter, onto booster. To see the full range and to buy go to

About Provytl 50+

Provytl 50+ is a protein and creatine supplement for the over 50s created by registered dietitian Zoe Cottrell in response to a wealth of scientific evidence that older adults need to consume more protein than younger people to maintain muscle mass and strength and to stay healthy and active for longer.

Each easy-to-use sachet of Provytl 50+contains 15g of pure whey protein and 1g of creatine designed to maintain strength, mobility and vitality by increasing daily protein intake as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

It also has additional benefits for bone strength, anti-inflammatory properties, body composition and exercise performance.

Creatine is a substance that is found naturally within the body and in our diet. It supports the maintenance or growth of skeletal muscle and helps promote cognitive ability in older adults. It also has additional benefits for bone strength, anti-inflammatory properties, body composition and exercise performance.

The combination of whey protein and creatine may further augment measures of muscle mass and performance in older adults.

Protein is one of three macronutrients alongside carbohydrates and fat and is present in every cell in the human body. You need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones.

Protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle mass. It is commonly found in animal products, though is also present in other sources, such as nuts and legumes.

Protein is made up of 20 amino acids. Nine of them are labelled ‘essential’ as they can only be obtained from food, rather than made by the body. These nine are crucial to building and repairing muscle.

Why do over 50s need more protein?

By increasing their intake of protein, older people can reduce the risk of a loss of strength and reduced mobility. As humans reach older ages, they develop resistance to the positive effects of dietary protein.

In studies, the majority of over 50s do not eat the recommended daily intake of protein.

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