Cook the Perfect Festive Turkey

From seasoned cooks to aspiring amateurs, cooking at Christmas can seem daunting. Whatever camp you fall into, there’s usually some guesswork involved in cooking the Christmas turkey

With ten million Turkeys being sold in the UK last year and around 3.5 hours spent cooking and preparing a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, you don’t want to get it wrong! Don’t despair; it is possible to enjoy cooking on Christmas Day without turning to the sherry early. Getting your Turkey to the table perfectly cooked and succulent isn’t a problem, thanks to the SuperFast Thermapen® digital food thermometer.

Turkey is a lean meat, so if you leave it in your oven too long the meat can dry out; serve it too early and it’ll be underdone and could cause food poisoning. Top chefs recommend and routinely use a Thermapen by inserting the fast response probe into the thickest parts of the turkey breast and thigh. Both areas should give a reading of 75˚C or above. Once the meat exceeds 75˚C, take it out of the oven and leave to rest for 30 to 40 minutes. Resting the meat allows the lovely juices to redistribute, giving you enough time to make gravy!

Providing an accurate reading in under three seconds and available in a variety of exciting colours the SuperFast Thermapen (RRP from £48) makes a superb Christmas gift for the budding chef in your house.

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