The NEW Microplane Ginger Tool 3-in-1

Get the best flavour from one of the world’s healthiest foods

The NEW Microplane® Ginger Tool 3-in-1 has been expertly designed to peel, grate and slice ginger – an ingredient that is not only tremendously healthy, but also adds depth and flavour to many dishes, particularly Asian-style and vegetable-centric cuisines.

Microplane is the first company to apply photo-etching technology to graters. This innovative process has been applied to the Ginger Tool where the specially designed ultra-sharp cutting blades, or teeth, of the fine blade – made in the USA – behave like sharp knives to grate ingredients with precision rather than tearing or shredding and causing blockages.


The rasp-like tool includes a peeler on the side to quickly remove the peel of the knobby, fresh ginger root – replacing the need for a knife or spoon.


The photo-etched, fine blade makes fast work of grating ginger into a fine paste for a healthy cup of ginger tea or to spice-up stir-fries, sauces, dressings, marinades and soups, as well as for baking delicious desserts and creating aromatic craft cocktails.


A razor-sharp, angled blade towards the bottom of the tool, thinly slices ginger with ease and precision, retaining all of the root vegetable’s natural oils for optimum flavor when garnishing noodles, rice, fish etc.

Peter Morrell, FoodNewz Editor comments, “I’ve used the Microplane Ginger Tool and not only is it highly efficient but grates the ginger so that you get a noticeable extra flavour zest in curries and Chinese food.

Styled in white with grey accents, the Ginger Tool 3-in-1 has a comfortable, soft-grip handle with a loop for optional hanging and a non-slip base for stability when grating. The versatile tool can be used flat or at any angle when grating ginger using the fine blade. A convenient reusable cap on the slicer keeps the blade covered for safety and protection while grating.

With its space-saving, narrow profile, the Ginger Tool 3-in-1, RRP £17.95, can easily be stored in countertop utensil holders, or inside a kitchen drawer. While dishwasher safe, rinsing under water is usually enough and recommended.

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Available from Steamer Trading ( at RRP £17.95.