Experience *New* Madeira Ocean Trails

Discover the Country’s Extraordinary Scenery on Foot

Discover Madeira is excited to announce the launch of the new Madeira Ocean Trails, a campaign to promote active tourism on the island. Trail running is fast emerging as the latest fitness trend, offering an incredible way to experience a destination and soak up the extraordinary scenery. Madeira has been firmly place on the map for trail running due to its challenging routes with breath-taking ocean and mountain views.

Madeira Ocean Trails is hosting a wealth of events on the island, offering active visitors the chance to be fully immersed in nature whilst running or hiking at any pace. On this year’s agenda is the 3rd edition of EcoTrail Funchal – Madeira Island, taking place on Saturday 28th October. EcoTrails, takes place annually in ten destinations around Europe and comprises of 80km, 40km, 25km and 15km races. These four routes will take place on Madeira’s Ocean Trails and are unique as they combine urban and rural trail running. They aim to combine running with ecological and environment sustainability. These are manifested in Madeira during the lead-up to the event as reforestation, requalification of green spaces, cleaning and recovery of paths take place, among other projects.

Next year, there are two exciting events set to take the island by storm. Madeira Island Ultra Trail, an endurance race taking place on 28th April 2018, will provide an exciting challenge to adventure seekers as they race across the island, from sea-to-sea. The race begins in Porto Moniz, at sea level, with passages by the highest points of the island, and then finishing at Machico. The other challenge awaiting thrill-seekers, next year is the Ultra SkyMarathon, which will take place on 1st June. The Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira is a technical mountain race which consists of steep slopes and trails in Santana. This race is comprised of some passages which require technical climbing expertise, and is surrounded both by mountainous and sea cliff landscapes. The distinct natural landscapes, combined with the biodiversity make Santana one of the most spectacular locations for this sort of sporting event.

Madeira, otherwise known as ‘the islands of eternal spring’ is just a short, three-and-a-half-hour flight from London. On the same latitude as Morocco, the Atlantic archipelago has a sub-tropical climate and rich volcanic soil. Madeira has a unique eco-system and is one of the only places on the planet where banana trees grow next to vineyards. In 1999 the archipelago was named A UNESCO World Heritage Site and five areas have been declared nature reserves. The diverse and beautiful landscape invites nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike to experience a multitude of activities alongside the Ocean Trail running, including hiking, canyoning, trail running and rock climbing.

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