New Microplane® Gourmet Slicer and Hand Guard

Peter Morrell test drives this latest kitchen essential

Microplane® has expanded its collection of premium quality and innovative kitchen gadgets with the introduction of the new Gourmet Slicer which precisely slices a wide variety of foods quickly and efficiently.

Microplane® Gourmet Slicer

Combining the functionality of a traditional mandolin with the compact design of Microplane’s popular, paddle-shaped Gourmet Series Graters, the new Gourmet Slicer features a perfectly set, razor-sharp blade that doesn’t need to be adjusted or reset. When recipes call for slices of radish, courgette, potato, onion, pepperoni, apple or any other ingredient, the Gourmet Slicer delivers uniform 2mm thick slices with ease and control, doing all the work so you don’t have to.

Crafted from durable stainless steel to withstand years of kitchen duty without snapping or breaking, the Gourmet Slicer includes a comfortable soft-grip handle and a non-slip base for slicing vertically inside bowls, on plates or cutting boards. The slicer can be hung up via the loop on the handle or popped in a utensil jar or in a drawer. It’s dishwasher safe, although rinsing under water is usually enough and recommended.

New Microplane® Hand Guard

It is recommended that the Gourmet Slicer is used with the new Hand Guard, which not only protects fingers, but also holds the food firmly in place to deliver slices right down to the last piece. The Guard is dishwasher safe, although rinsing under water is usually enough and recommended. The Hand Guard is available separately.

As an amateur cook I have been trying the new Microplane® Gourmet Slicer at home with some amazing results. Salad is not my favourite dish but occasionally I feel like being virtuous. With this handy tool preparing vegetables in an easy to eat form like carrots, radishes, cucumber is a cinch. One of my dinner party starters is marinated beetroot carpaccio with goat’s cheese. The Microplane® cut the beets to exactly the right thickness and the large exposed surface area allowed the marinate to penetrate through each slice.

My biggest success however was a cookery session with my grand daughter. We sliced some potatoes, boiled them for two minutes then drained them and in a bowl coated them with olive oil salt and pepper. They were then baked at 220c on a tray for 15 minutes and voila. home made crisps.

Ergonomically the Microplane® works well, it had a soft non slip handle, a rubber steadying foot at the slicer end and I would urge you to buy the Microplane® Hand Guard as the blade is very sharp. For storage you can hang it on a hook and there is a plastic cover to keep the blade safe from little fingers.

Coveted by both professional chefs and home cooks, the Microplane® Gourmet Slicer RRP £24.95 and the new Microplane® Hand Guard RRP £4.95, are available from and independent cookshops nationwide.

Watch new the Microplane® Gourmet Slicer & Hand Guard video below