Top Five Sicilian Places you have to visit

Sicilian celebrity chef, Enzo Oliveri has shared his favourite places on the island with us

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Sicily, or Sicilia in Italian, is the largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea. As the sun shines salon-like over the island’s shortbread-yellow buildings, it’s an island notorious for being the ‘mafia-island’. But is architectural splendours and historical sights attract visitors from throughout the world every year.

But if hopping on a plane to sun-scored Sicily isn’t an option, then hop on the tube to Piccadilly Circus and swing by Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen for food as authentic as it is on the island.

Celebrity TV chef, Enzo Oliveri brings his traditional Cucina Siciliana to London with authentic regional recipes. Many of the dishes are recipes lifted from Sicily’s enchanting landscapes. If Chef Enzo has got you hooked on Sicilian cuisine, then here are five places in the island have you to visit:

1. Palermo

The brightly lit supermarkets in London may stock a cross-continental menu of food, but nothing beats the farmer’s markets of Palermo. From Vucciria to Ballarò, il Capo to Borgo Vecchio, the street markets of the town each have a unique atmosphere and stock fresh vegetables, fruits, breads and cheeses. Locals and tourists alike pummel the pavement of Palermo for its food… including Chef Enzo, who hails
from the town!

2. Tindari

A small town in the sleepy province of Messina. A place of pilgrimage and history (it was once an ancient Greek colony) that hosts the famous Sanctuary of the Black Madonna. Tindari is the home of Roman baths and vibrant floor mosaics and if this doesn’t persuade you to book a flight, then I hope the poet Quasimodo’s (not the Disney character) words do: “Tindari, I know you / mild between broad hills, overhanging the waters / of the god’s sweet islands.”

3. Aeolian Islands

The volcanic archipelago has rugged coats, caves and cliffs. Consisting of seven main islands with frequent ferries connecting them all, this is a popular tourist hotspot during hot Sicilian summers. Complete with thermal resorts, fishing and water sports to help you unwind and embrace Sicilian life.

4. Syracuse

Located in the southeast corner of the island, Syracuse was founded all the way back in 733/4 BC by a Greek colony. The birthplace of mathematician Archimedes, history is the trade of the town. The ruins of the Temple of Athena, Greek theatres, Roman amphitheatres, and rich Greek architecture dot this notable city.

5. Etna

Located on the east coast of Sicily, Etna is the setting of the tallest active volcano in Europe. Considered a sacred mountain in ancient times, the volcano is even visible from the moon. Not only is this volcano hard to miss, the stunning panoramas possible from the tour of the volcano can’t be missed.

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