Addis – A Great British Icon Since 1780

New products from the actual inventor of the tooth brush!

I know, hard to believe that people didn’t use toothbrushes back in 1780, but Addis changed all that, by creating a global hygiene habit and daily routine that seems sort of impossible to comprehend not doing in the 21st Century…

In Summer 2018 Addis are still innovating with lifestyle products that are bang up to date. They are  launching the Clip&Go collection for all seasons with you today, alongside INVISIFIX – a total lifesaver in the Bathroom and our major launch for 2018: The Easi Lift Rotary Airer. the Rolls Royce of washing lines

Clip&Go… on the go!

Great value… Great Quality… Great for food on the go without the fuss… Compact and sleek food storage solutions for everyday living. See the video above for more details

Invisifix – say goodbye to Bathroom DIY disasters

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more annoying than having to reach for the bottle in the bath or shower, but at the same time, after spending all that money on a glossy set of tiles, who wants to ruin them by drilling shelves into the wall a user may want to move a few months down the line? Or if the home owner is planning on selling in the future, why restrict a possible purchase by making a permanent mark in the bathroom the new homeowner might not want? Cue INVISIFIX, the shower caddie that needs no tools or drills to apply and easily fixes to smooth tiled surfaces, thanks to it’s stong non-marking mount. INVISIFIX also holds up to 6kg in weight and can be eaily removed and re-positioned. Made from crystal clear strong shatterproof acrylic, the range also includes a soap dish and toothbrush holder.

Addis Easi Lift Rotary Airer £95

Ultimately it’s a household item that usually ends up a rusted mess in the back garden, tangled and a little difficult to open and manoeuvre. But the Addis Easi Lift Rotary Airer is thankfully made of sterner stuff. Strong and sturdy rust resistant, light-weight aluminium to be precise. So not only are the product materials able to withstand the most extreme of weather conditions, it’s also light as a feather to move around – well, not quite that light, but you get where I am going here! The product also features a simple LIFT-RAISE-LOCK mechanism, so there’s no tangling, no fighting and no dramas when trying to hang the washing. In fact, doing the washing never looked so good! 

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