Some like it hot – The new Microplane® Chili Mill

Microplane® adds a new Chili Mill to their collection of premium quality kitchen tools

Made in the USA, the photo-etched ultra-sharp signature Microplane blades, or teeth, effortlessly and precisely grate a variety of dried chilli peppers without ripping or tearing. The chillis are evenly and precisely milled and the essential oils are released to add heat and a wonderful depth of flavor to a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes.

Dried flakes and whole dried chillis can be found in most large supermarkets. Pick the ones that are still pliable as these will have the best flavour to add a punch to a pasta sauce, spice up an eggy breakfast or add a gentle warmth to a rich chocolate cake.

With a luxurious silk feel grip for comfort and stability, the new Chili Mill is incredibly easy to use. Hold on to the stainless steel ring and turn to open. Place the dried chilis in the cavity and click the top back into place. The Precise Pressure™ Engineered Tension Spring applies optimum pressure to the spring load mechanism for perfect grating, and there’s a handy silicone cap to avoid mess when the Mill is not in use”

Peter Morrell Editor comments “I have been using the Chili Mill to great effect. I was recently given a set of fermenting jars and my first project was making Kimchi. This popular Korean staple calls for lots of chilli in the recipe. Grinding up dried chillis with the Chili Mill created just the right granularity of spice and gave this pungent pickle a kick like a mule

The Microplane® Chili Mill, RRP £29.95, is available from and independent cookshops nationwide.

Watch the Microplane® Chili Mill video