Stick the kettle on

We Are Tea are on a mission to bring the highest quality tea to the nation

Founded in 2007 by tea superfans Spence & Suze, We Are Tea ethically source their whole leaf tea from the finest estates across the globe. Their huge variety of delicious teas comes in either loose leaf, perfect for faff-free infusing or, ultra-convenient and eco-friendly bags.

We Are Tea’s range of teas are steeped in sustainability credentials, they are the first premium tea company to remove paper tags from their entire range #TreesBeforeTags. What’s more, every tea bag is made from corn starch and sealed with ultrasound making them 100% biodegradable. This year will see them go completely plastic-free across the whole of their packaging and supply chain, get ready for their Plastic Free Par-tea!

We Are Tea started life as a tea shop in the shadow of St Paul’s, the store was unfortunately forced to close due to vandalism and theft from the Occupy London movement, but all was not lost, as We Are Tea is now available in Morrisons, Ocado, Holland & Barratt and Booths. You can also order online, where you can buy their Simplicitea infuser, the ideal infuser gadget for loose leaf lovers.

The 27-strong range of teas includes classic black teas such as Earl Grey Supreme and English Breakfast, perfect any type of way, any time of day! Green teas, like Sencha, sourced from the Anhui Province of Eastern China, and Dragon Well, renowned for its high quality and famed for its health benefits within the green tea world. Love both types? Try an Oolong tea which has the flavour of a green and the strength of a black.

The white teas include White Peony, which has fresh, soft fruity notes and a subtle floral aroma, and the fabulously named, Jasmine Silver Needle for those in need of a little more creativitea. We Are Tea don’t stop there – serving up scrumptious caffeine-free infusion teas. These are special herbal blends such as Super Berry, Peppermint, Chamomile or Rooibos, where the leaves turn red as part of the oxidation process enhancing its nutty, smoky flavour. With over 55 Great Taste Awards to date, We Are Tea have the perfect brew for you.

Always seeking the good and the great, We Are Tea are fantastically proud of their range of Super Teas! These functional teas take a refreshingly no-nonsense approach to health and wellbeing with each tea serving a purpose. Soothe is a digestive tummy tea, packed full of carefully selected herbs to give your tummy some TLC, whilst Sleep blends chamomile, lavender, rose and holy basil so you can rest easy (no sheep counting required!) Other teas in the Super Teas range include Protect and Alert. Edging closer to being completely plastic free, this previously plastic packaging has been recently refreshed with easily recycled cardboard.

So, what are you waiting for? Sit back and let We Are Tea take you on a whole leaf, ethical, and most importantly, delicious tea journey. Let’s get brewing!

  • We Are Tea is available online, as well as in Morrisons, Ocado and Holland & Barratt
  • RRP: £2.99 for core, premium £4.99-£6.99
  • All tea in We Are Tea’s products are sourced from tea estates that are Ethical Tea Partnership members, meaning the tea estates adhere to international health and safety standards, with all of We Are Tea’s suppliers needing to meet their very own ethical checklist with on-site recycling and living wage fairness at the top of their list.