Kitchenaid celebrates 100 Years of Cooking History

To mark the occasion, they have introduced Misty Blue to the iconic Artisan Tilt-Head Mixer collection

In 1908, after watching a baker mix bread dough with a heavy iron spoon, Ohio-based engineer Herbert Johnston developed a stand mixer to help alleviate the backbreaking work. By 1919 the first commercial mixer, boasting the unique planetary action and famous curves, was ready for market. It caused a sensation and demand was enormous, even from famous names including Henry Ford, John Barrymore, Ginger Rogers, and Julia Childs, the American cook, author and television personality. But with Johnston’s insistence on quality, only four machines were able to be made a day.

Over the years new versions of the mixer were produced, reducing its size and weight. In 1937, Egmont Arens, editor of Creative Arts magazine and Vanity Fair and famous for his consumer-oriented designs, fused iconic design with outstanding engineering and durability to create the new tilt-head K-Model. The true tribute to his talent is the fact that the KitchenAid mixer today is almost exactly the same as his original design.

At launch, the mixers were only available in white, but in 1955, Sunny Yellow, Island Green, Petal Pink, and Satin Chrome were introduced. The colour palette has continued to grow over the years and the Artisan Stand Mixer is now available in the widest range of colours on the market.

From the beginning, KitchenAid mixers came with various attachments for tasks. Today, the latest addition to the range which celebrates 100 Years of KitchenAid – the New Artisan Stand Mixer in Misty Blue – still features the famous attachment-ready Culinary Hub now with over 15 optional accessories enabling everything from slicing, grating, chopping and peeling, to juicing and spiralizing. There are also tools to prepare fresh pasta and the dual purpose transparent pouring shield allows a clear view of what’s happening in the bowl while making it easy to add ingredients without splashing.

The standard accessories for the Misty Blue include a flex edge beater, flat beater, dough hook and wire whip. The 4.8L hobnail bowl, made from Titanium reinforced ceramic, is chip, crack, crazing and stain resistant and also microwave, oven (up to 250 °C), freezer and dishwasher-safe. So it’s easy to mix, soften butter, temper chocolate, harden or cool ingredients in a single bowl.

Assembled in solid die-cast metal, the stable Artisan Stand Mixer is, quite simply, the ultimate culinary companion coveted around the world by Michelin-starred chefs and passionate home cooks.

The Artisan 4.8L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in Misty Blue, RRP £699, is available from Lakeland, John Lewis, independent cookshops nationwide and