New KitchenAid Ventilated Induction Hob

The latest introduction to the KitchenAid range of luxury appliances is the NEW 90cm Ventilated Induction Hob

The sleek model includes four flexible induction zones ideal for using a variety of pans, putting cooking trays on heat, or moving pans around (always lift, never slide!).  The powerful, yet discreet, integrated downdraft extraction system is centrally located which offers greater flexibility on where it’s fitted in the kitchen.

The responsive touch-screen section includes a ‘Dynamic Sensor’ which can ramp up the heat and detect when a pan reaches boiling point when it then lets out a ‘beep’ and adjusts the heat to maintain the temperature to avoid spills. There’s also dedicated Melt, Simmer and Keep Warm settings and a Residual Heat Indicator to identify when the surface is still hot, along with a Timer and Key Lock.

Induction hobs are extremely safe and energy efficient. You can’t forget to leave the gas on and only the pan base touching the hob is heated. Cleaning is incredibly simple – just wipe with a wet cloth, then go over it every now and then with some glass cleaner.

The downdraft extraction system, located in the middle of the hob, benefits from perimetral extraction and a 600 m3/h maximum air flow, which ensures grease, steam and odours are all effectively cleared, protecting furniture and improving the air quality of the home. Perimetral extraction technology extracts vapours from around the edges of the extractor, rather than the centre, creating a faster airflow and increasing grease extraction by 10 per cent.

There are four speed settings and a boost option to maximise extraction performance, while operating at a quiet 63 dB(A) noise level.

Visit the KitchenAid Experience Store in Wigmore Street, London W1 to get an in-depth tutorial on using the hob and check out the rest of the KitchenAid range from utensils to large and small appliances all offering professional performance to both chefs and passionate home cooks.

The KitchenAid 90cm Ventilated Induction Hob, RRP £2,800, is available from and the London Experience Store.