Dine together with We Dine

The restaurants have opened their doors – hooray!

However some diners may still be a little mindful to venture out in public during peak times, or perhaps with limited booking, they may not be able to get a table as easily as they’d like. As families and household bubbles come together We Dine, the tech platform that connects foodies to local chef talent, enables you to enjoy the food you love with the people you love, in your own homes.

We Dine helps you find a chef for every occasion. Enjoy a special birthday, celebratory occasion, or a romantic meal for two. As the peak of summer approaches why not have someone else at the helm of the garden BBQ, or if you prefer further distancing, the site now allows for delivery requests.

Instead of reading through countless menus on various sites, diners use a simple online form to outline their preferences including budget and special instructions e.g. delivery only. Chefs within a 20 mile radius will be notified and invited to respond with their creative suggestions for the diner to review and then book. It’s a simple as 1-2-3.

The platform has 300 active chefs registered (the majority in London), who vary in training and experience to suit your budget and occasion. For example, enjoy a family BBQ at £25 pp, a sushi birthday party from £40 pp, or a romantic anniversary meal from £90 pp, for a truly divine experience the community’s more established chefs charge from £200 pp for a dinner for two. Prices to be provided by chefs.

We Dine aims to cater for flexibility and freedom whilst offering more opportunities for chefs to showcase their passion and creativity within their local community.

As safety is still a priority, current guidelines of in-house and catering services will be followed as per the government’s guidance. Payment is all made online for a simple and efficient process.

Want to try the service? New users to the platform will receive a £25 voucher when they sign up.

For more information visit www.wedine.co.uk

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