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Sacla Truffle Gifts

Truffles are technically a form of fungus, meaning that they commonly grow in the wild in a similar way to mushrooms, underground but in this case clinging to the roots of various trees. They can take many years to reach the point of fruition and are famously difficult to find and hence, can be rather pricey.

The Italian truffle season varies for the white or black versions, however the love affair that Sacla’ has with all things Italian has resulted in them travelling the length and breadth of Italy to bring you a Truly Madly Deeply Italian collection of these regional delicacies, in a variety of servings, sourced from like-minded artisanal suppliers.

Peter Morrell, Editor comments “I love the taste of truffles, the profound, earthy flavour lifts even the humblest dish to unimaginable heights. This range from Sacla’ is a delight, enabling foodies to create imaginative and inventive food at home.

I have recently been using the Inaudi Black Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil and it’s superb. It would make the ideal Christmas gift for the aspiring chef in your life. The bottle is elegantly packaged to complement the quality of contents.

Since using the Inaudi Black Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil I turned a basic Halloween pumpkin soup from a trick to a treat, elevated plain roast potatoes to a new level with a sprinkle of the oil and grated parmesan and transformed a seafood carbonara from a weekday standby to a Saturday night special. These truffle based gifts from Sacla’ will brighten our otherwise dull upcoming COVID Christmas.”

Sacla’ Truffle Pesto (90g RRP £2.50)
Black truffle is an Italian jewel hunted through the summer, identifiable by its pungent aroma. The earthy flavour is difficult to put into words. Just a spoonful or two with plenty of freshly milled black pepper and Parmesan transforms Tagliatelle and brings Agnolotti alive (every type of pasta actually, plain or filled). Truffle Pesto also takes scrambled eggs to a whole new level. Try it and see.

Inaudi Tartufata (80g RRP £14)
Inaudi Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffle Paste is a creamy combination of porcini mushrooms and white truffle, specially recommended as a sauce for egg pasta, rice and gnocchi. Simply dilute a teaspoon per person with some olive oil, cream or pasta cooking water to make a super speedy and delicious dressing.

Inaudi Black Truffle and Mushroom Sauce (180g RRP £15)
Black summer truffles and mushrooms are finely chopped together in this delicious sauce for pasta, potatoes, meat (especially beef and chicken) and pizza. It’s one of the best ingredient secrets you’ll come across.

Inaudi Black Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil (100ml RRP £16)

This dressing of olive oil and black truffle, makes a perfect gift. Just a few drops take mashed potato, soups and turkey stuffing to a new level. The oil also pairs beautifully with mushrooms to create an indulgent risotto or is exquisite simply drizzled over pasta, salads and beef carpaccio just before serving.

Pasta di Aldo Truffle Tagliatelle (1kg RRP £20)
As if Pasta di Aldo egg tagliatelle wasn’t special enough, the addition of truffles add a unique flavour elevating the most simplest of dish to something memorably superb.

Sacla’ Truffle Lovers Gift Box (£50):

  • Sacla’ Truffle Pesto (90g)
  • Inaudi Black Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil (100ml)
  • Inaudi Black Truffle and Mushroom Sauce (180g)
  • Pasta di Aldo Truffle Tagliatelle (1kg)
  • Sacla’ Mac’n’Cheese with Truffle (290g)

This decadent hamper for Truffle Lovers confirms that almost anything can be improved with a touch of truffle. Always handpicked – they’re almost impossible to farm – finding truffles requires a lot of hard work, dedication, experience and… patience.

From the Sacla’ Truffle Pesto through to Pasta di Aldo’s truffle-infused tagliatelle, the robust, pungent aroma and subtle flavour turns a traditional festive dish into a gourmet taste experience.

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