Three NEW Healthy Food Brands

Here are some goodies to enjoy this Autumn

Autumn Foods 1

1. The Wizards Magic Chocolate Bars

New UK chocolate range with health benefits!

The latest range of The Wizards Magic chocolate is to launch this October 2020, the CBD chocolate with added wizardry (50mg CBD)

The Wizards Magic CBD Chocolate range: This latest creation, CBD Chocolate is offered in two flavours – original chocolate and mint chocolate. The delicious new range is designed to help those who want to kick back and relax at the end of a long day and has been clinically proven thanks to the superfood extracts the team infuses into this full sugar, full dairy, indulgent chocolate – which is guaranteed to delight.

Price: from £2.50 a bar

Stockists: It is available to buy from Amazon, Bp in partnership with M&S, WHSmith, Kingdom of Sweets and from The Wizards Magic directly:

2. Ambitions healthy protein pasta

A new healthy pasta range created by a group of international rugby players who saw a gap in the market for healthy high protein, low in fat food for when you are on the go.

Built on a desire to produce the most natural, delicious and ambitious snacking on the go, a group of international rugby players spearheaded by Charlie Simpson Daniel came up with the idea ??? and months later, after many taste tests, Ambitions Snacks was born. With decades of sporting and nutritional experience between them, the small-knit team have worked tirelessly to create a product that’s not only good for you and tastes great, but is kind to mother nature too. All Ambitious Snacks are made with 100% recyclable packaging and absolutely NO nasties.

Ambitions Snacks products are available directly from their website:, RRP £1.30 per serving.

3. Champions Cider

For years, there has never been an alcohol-free cider that strikes the perfect balance of great tasting, fresh flavours without it being ladened with sugar??? until now, that is. Recently launched exclusively in Tesco, Champions Cider is a zero-alcohol cider, coming in at only 50 calories per bottle.

For those craving a drink that tastes good, but isn’t loaded with double-digit grams of sugar, Champions Ciders is the perfect alcohol-free alternative that is dry, super refreshing and subtly fruity. The core range features three flavours:

  • Champions Cider – Strawberry & Rhubarb: Champions Strawberry & Rhubarb Flavour is drinkers who love a refreshingly sweet cider on a hot summer day. Despite the forever-changing weather in the UK, Champions Strawberry & Rhubarb can be enjoyed year-round.
  • Champions Vitamin Cider (launching online November 2020) – Raspberry Flavour: Champions Raspberry Vitamin Cider is for those who want a great tasting and energising cider with a healthy hit of Vitamin C. Keeping immune systems in shape after just one bottle.
  • Champions CBD Cider (launching online November 2020) – Kiwi & Lime: A first in the booze-free sector, Champions Kiwi and Lime CBD Cider is for those who want to relax after a long day and find a calm peace of mind before getting in forty winks. CBD oil has many incredible benefits and the team have put it in the form of a delicious cider with no added sugar.
Champions Cider is available to buy from Tesco and online: RRP £1.30.

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