There’s a positivity revolution brewing…

Peter Morrell meets two of the co-founders of People’s Captain, the Game-Changing Beer doing Life-Changing Things

Peoples Captain

People’s Captain are changing the game when it comes to craft beer. Founded by English league rugby player, Greg Bateman, currently playing for the Newport Gwent Dragons, the independent company is centred on an ethos of bringing people together over a great selection of craft brews.

In 2019, Greg addressed his personal battle with depression on social media, and candidly opened up about his mental health struggles. His openness surrounding what is a fairly taboo subject in rugby has opened the door for others to engage in conversation and seek help for mental health issues.

The idea for People’s Captain was first ignited when Greg spoke about his turmoil to a friend over a drink. It was from chatting openly that he set his sights on producing craft beer, that not only tastes great, but also builds something strong, positive and long-lasting that really makes lives better.

Teaming up with two close friends, Stewart Beale and Jason Reeves, to launch People’s Captain, Greg also enlisted street artist Nathan Bowen to design the artwork for the packaging and the cans.

I recently had a mixed box delivered and a few days later had a Zoom call with Greg and Stewart for an online tasting, and to chat about their vision for the company. Apart from making beer they have a laudable aim of raising £1 million for The People’s Captain Foundation, which will help people with mental health issues.

When I received the beer, it was evident that a lot of thought has gone into the packaging. The shipping box was sturdy with well-designed graphics and the can of each version of the beer was decorated with a charming character drawn by street artist Nathan. The illustrations themselves are enough to spark a conversation between people. The final aspect of the packaging was the tactile nonslip finish of the can which made it very pleasant to hold.

It was evident when speaking with Greg and Stewart that they are highly enthusiastic about the product range. They spoke with passion about choosing the hops for their brews and striving to get just the right taste and flavour. Their commitment to the beers is matched with an equal level determination to raising money for their charity.

These are beers to drink with friends and will be ideal to celebrate the end of lockdown and welcome back the joys of social drinking. There is a beer for every occasion, from the sessionable Legend to the sippable, sit back and relax Islander. Here is are details of the range.

  • Legend (4.2% ABV Session APA) The signature core hero. This is an American pale ale you won’t forget. With a body to die for, the super citrus kick keeps it refreshing enough to keep going back for more. I can imagine sitting on the deck with a group of friends on a warm afternoon drinking this ale and savouring the tangy lemon flavour from the citra hops.
  • Islander (5.5%, NEPA) Inspired by stories of the pacific islands with genuine tropical flavours, a classic New England American Pale. Islander is unfiltered to leave all the goodness and which also gives it the classic hazy body that craft drinkers love. This is a sit back and relax classic with lots of complex tropical flavours like passion fruit and mango from the Wai-ti, Azacca and Calypso hops.
  • Short & Stout (5.0%, Milk Stout) A Milk Stout with a twist. Using less darkly roasted malt and using the natural sweetness of caramel and lactose to give a beautiful sweet stout. Back hopped with mosaic will leave you with a malty biscuit based and blueberry on the nose. If you don’t think you like stout try this, your opinion will be changed forever. It’s a light, amber beer that packs a range of taste experiences from dark summer fruits, through caramel to a lovely coffee finish.
  • Stereotype (4.5%, Lager) Greg wanted to brew an ‘English’ style lager, unlike a Pilsner which requires far more pressure to allow the Hellertau hops to do their work. The result provides a very crisp, refreshing, earthy flavour with subtle nectar fruits on the nose. This is a world away from your regular pub lager, it’s an elegant, easy drinking beer with subtle tones and is very enjoyable.
  • ’Tis the Saison (5.0%, Saison) This is a traditional French Saison using Belle Saison wild yeast. This gives a very dry, crisp and more spicy/herbaceous than floral. The perfect seasonal changing brew. I didn’t taste this beer, but it’s hop CV features Admiral, Goldings, Saaz and Citra. drawn from the US, UK and Europe, and the yeastis the wild Bellesaison, these components make it a unique and characterful drink.

A mentioned Greg is as an advocate of positive mental health, and has incorporated People’s Captain to support its very own charity, The People’s Captain Foundation. The charity will take a % of the sales to raise the £1million to help boost Britain’s mental health as well as provide brave and brilliant initiatives for those that need it most.

When you buy People’s Captain craft beer not only do you get a first class product but you also help people who need support.

Here’s to a great team doing Life-Changing Things.

All the beers are available to order from The People’s Captain website,


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