A Virtual tour of the Bruges Triennial 2021 is released

An online facility to let you see the highlights of the 2021 Triennial set in one of the world’s most beautiful and atmospheric cities

Bruges Triennial 2021
Bruges- image ©Triënnale Brugge – Matthias Desmet

Whilst travel to Bruges restrictions at present, might pose a challenge to that much anticipated visit to Bruges this summer, a new preview of this year’s Bruges Triennial has now been made available, with the help of a new digital platform offering unique 360° images of the installations. For those unable to visit at present, this contemporary art and architecture festival will stay on display until 24 October 2021 and the virtual guide offers a glimpse of what is on offer this year.

Users can choose to view various individual installations from an aerial view a with 360° pictures ,descriptions and associated links. At the same time, press can register to join the dedicated media site containing a number of images, interviews with the artists and press releases about this year’s festival.

The new platform is an initiative of Visit Bruges and with the support of VISITFLANDERS. CEO, Peter De Wilde said: “The symbiosis of heritage and contemporary art, thrives in Bruges. We are delighted to support this initiative because the Triennial is truly a source of inspiration for those who can and may travel.

For a link to the new virtual platform visit https://triennale.visitbruges.be/en

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