New Sacla’ Horseradish Sauce and Tartare Sauce

Sacla’, the famous ‘pesto pioneers’ have added NEW Sacla’ Horseradish Sauce and NEW Sacla’ Tartare Sauce to their stellar line-up of vegan sauces, pesto, and dressings

Sacla Vegan

There are a few stories circulating on just how horseradish got its name, but we believe the explanation is that in German it’s called ‘meerrettich’ (sea radish) because it grows by the sea. It’s likely that the English misheard the German word ‘meer’ and called it ‘mareradish’ instead which eventually became horseradish. The NEW Sacla’ Horseradish Sauce is, quite simply, a palate-pleasing powerhouse of flavour adding tang to beetroot salad, roasted root vegetables, braised red cabbage, plant-based burgers, bean stews and, of course, a vegan pot roast. It also makes for a rather daring dip to welcome parsnip fries, but this is not for the faint-hearted!

New Sacla’ Vegan Tartare Sauce is made with capers, gherkins, leeks, wine vinegar and mustard creating a piquant sauce for your vegan fishy dishy! But the appeal doesn’t stop there. It adds an exquisite level of flavour stirred through mashed sweet potatoes and is a welcome addition to courgette fritters, beer-battered mushrooms and a wonderful dip for chunky potato fries, root vegetable patties and crudités.

Sacla’ Vegan Horseradish Sauce, RRP £2.50 for 180g. Available online at and Sainsbury’s ‘Free From’ shelves and Asda.

Sacla’ Tartare Sauce, RRP £2.50 for 180g available online at and Asda.

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