Mandira’s Kitchen – Authentic Indian Freezer Meals

Peter Morrell enjoys the Dine in for 2 Classic meal, an excellent showcase of the company’s dishes

Mandira’s kitchen is an award-winning producer of authentic Indian food, handmade in small batches. Their all-woman team is based in a 400-year-old cowshed, overlooking the magical Silent Pool in the Surrey Hills.
Mandiras Kitchen 1

Mandira’s Kitchen is named after its founder Mandira’s Sarkar, ex management consultant, who is now following her dream of creating genuine Indian food.

They supply delicious freezer meals that are based on cherished recipes handed down through the generations They also provide bespoke catering and food experiences such as cookery lessons and spice tours.

All the food is made using fresh produce, they contain no gluten, and there are vegan and dairy free options. Delivered to any address, the food can be heated in 4 minutes to create a restaurant quality homemade meal.

Mandira’s Kitchen have a wide range of dishes on offer. There are Starters, Rice and Bread, Meat and Fish, Vegan and Vegetarian, Desserts, Specials and Party Food. This all looked very interesting, so I decided to try the food. Rather than pick from the range I chose the Dine in for 2 Classic meal. This contains a well curated collection of dishes that make a complete meal. The list of dishes is

• Lemon Rice
• Chicken Xacuti
• Lehsuni Dal
• 2 Vegetable Samosas
• Naan bread
• Mini chutney

Ordering is easy, once it is placed it is delivered the next day, and there are regular updates from the courier company. When the order arrived, I was immediately impressed by three things, the quality of the shipping box, the food was still deep frozen, and the eco-friendly insulation material, which was natural wool.

The sleeves of the containers are attractively designed, and full storage and cooking instructions are on both the packaging and the website.

I popped the food in the freezer to save as a weekend treat. On a Saturday night I took the food out of the freezer for about 90 minutes to shorten the cooking time. The food can be oven baked (c 35 mins), microwaved (c 4 mins) or heated in pans on the hob (c 8-10 mins).

When I removed the sleeve there was another pleasant revelation, each dish is in two separate containers, so you can cook only half the food at a time. Ideal for single dwellers, or if your partner is out for the evening.

When the food is ready either peel back the film on the top of the containers, or if you want to create a sense of occasion, put into heated dishes.

Now for a taste, the Chicken Xacuti was assiduously spiced, lifted by the addition of roasted, freshly grated coconut and onions, and the chilli was just at the right level of heat. The Dal was a powerful combination of split yellow lentils, delicious, caramelised garlic and tomatoes.

The Lemon Basmati Rice, a Great Taste award winner, was light and fluffy, and enhanced with the addition of mustard seeds, fresh curry leaves and lemon juice.

One of my biggest surprises was the Vegetable Samosas and Naan Bread. Both had been re-heated in the oven and had retained their texture. The Samosas were ultra-crunchy with a pleasing, steaming interior, and the Naan had crunchy bubbles and was satisfyingly chewy to give it a Tandoor fresh quality.

The crowning glory was the refreshing and uplifting Pineapple Chutney, which made a perfect condiment.

My wife and I really enjoyed this restaurant quality meal. If you get bored with turkey over the festive season, this food would make the perfect counterpoint. I can thoroughly recommend the authentic Indian food from Mandira’s Kitchen.

To find out more and to order go to

While we are on the subject of Christmas, Mandira’s Kitchen have some gorgeous Gifts and Tableware which showcases products from a bygone era – exquisite hand-crafted items combining age-old traditional Indian artistry and vintage charm with a modern twist. They have packaged some of these with chutneys and crackers to make the perfect gift

You can see their full range of gifts by clicking here… Listed below is a representative selection.

Chutney Serving Set with Chutney & Spiced Crackers – £39.99

Two mini antique copper serving bowls complete with an oval tray and a jar Tomato and Date Chutney with Spiced Crackers. A great way to serve your condiments, dips, chutneys etc. (Hand wash only)

Spice Experience Kit – Authentic Indian Spice Tin (Including Delivery) – £30.99

This authentic Indian spice tin will look amazing in your kitchen. This ‘magic’ tin not only looks the part, but it also contains all the spices you need to create an authentic Indian feast in your own home, together with a recipe booklet to start you off. And also check out Mandira’s Kitchen Instagram page for some special lockdown meals to make using these special blends!

Seven exclusive blends that are used in their kitchen to produce the award-winning meals. You can also add beautiful serving dishes, chutneys, crackers, etc to create the perfect dine-in experience at home.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten, nut and preservative free.

Contains Onion Bhaji Masala, Chicken/Meat Masala, Bombay Potato Masala, Chilli Masala, Chai Masala, Garam Masala and Raita Masala.

Vintage Hand-Painted Kettle with Chai Glasses & Chai Mix – £39.99
These stunning kettles are hand painted and embellished to add a touch of romance to your table. Comes complete with 4 chai glasses and a jar of special chai mix. Please note as these are hand-painted they may have slight irregularities, unlike the smooth finish of a machine-made item. The kettle is only for serving (not heating) and needs to be hand washed.

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