An Instant Solution for Last Minute Gift Packs

Looking for a last minute stocking filler? Here are some perfect gifts all ready wrapped and delivered in time for Christmas.

Pinkster Xmas
The Italian Gift : Stambecco Amaro Gift Box

Stambecco is a delicious Italian Amaro distilled in a bespoke copper pot still and infused with luxury Marasca cherries, bitter citrus peel, local Italian mountain herbs and botanicals. Stambecco takes its name from the Italian word for the Ibex or long-horned mountain goat which roams the Alps near the distillery. The gift set includes a miniature bottle of Stambecco and a branded glass.

Stambecco Amaro Gift Set RRP: £6.99. Available from Amazon

The After Dinner Drink: Shanky’s Whip Match Box

Shanky’s Whip is a black whiskey liqueur made in Ireland using Irish Whiskey, and the natural flavours of cream and vanilla. The Gift Set includes 3 x 50ml samples of Shanky’s Whip.

RRP £9. Available from Amazon

The Gift For Pizza Lovers: Firelli Hot Sauce Gift Box

Firelli is an all natural hot sauce from Italy – designed to pair perfectly with pizza but also delicious on eggs, pasta and oysters.

Firelli Gift Box RRP £9.99. Available from Firelli

The Gift for a Spritz Lover: STARLINO gift pack

The Hotel STARLINO Gift pack includes 3 x 10cl glass bottles of STARLINO Rosso Vermouth (delicious in a Manhattan) and STARLINO Rosé and Arancione Aperitivos (delicious in a spritz or topped up with tonic)

Hotel STARLINO Gift Pack RRP: £10. Available from Amazon

The Gin & Vodka Gift: Mermaid Gin and Vodka Mini Gift Set

The Mermaid Gin & Vodka Gift pack contains Mermaid Gin, Pink Gin and Vodka minis and are the perfect stocking filler at Christmas.

RRP of £16.50. Available from John Lewis and

The Spanish Gift: El Bandarra Mini Bar

The taste of Barcelona in a bottle, El Bandarra is a refreshing range of natural aperitifs crafted from quality Spanish wines and Mediterranean botanicals. Now, this original pocket gift pack unites them all (El Bandarra Al Fresco, Rojo, Rosé & Blanco) and becomes the perfect gift for Christmas, because, what better gift than an aperitif tasting in the only bar that never closes?

The full gift pack is available from for £19.99.

The Pink Gift: Pinkster Gin Gift Box

Pinkster is the pink gin pioneer -made from gin-soaked raspberries grown near Pinkster HQ in Cambridgeshire which give it its pink hue and subtle fruitiness. The gift set includes a 35ml bottle of PInkster Gin and two branded glasses

Pinkster Gin Gift Box RRP £28.00. Available from Pinkster

The Tequila Gift – Mijenta Gift Box

Mijenta is a new award-winning, sustainable and artisanal tequila made from 100% Blue Weber Agave in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico.

Mijenta Tequila Blanco RRP £54.99 for 70cl. ABV 40%
Available from: Amazon, and

The Whisky Gift – Rampur Gift Box

Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky is produced in the foothills of the Himalayas in India

Rampur Asava Indian Single Malt Whisky RRP: £64.95. ABV: 45%. Available from: The Whisky Exchange

The Bottled Cocktail Gift – LAIBA

LAIBA is a range of luxury, pre-bottled cocktails made by world-class mixologists, making Christmas entertaining even easier.

Individual RRP: £7.50 each. LAIBA Gift Set RRP: £59 for.8 cocktails. Available from: LAIBA Beverages

The Bottled Cocktail Subscription Gift – The Cocktail Society

The Cocktail Society are the UK’s leading cocktail delivery and cocktail subscription box service. The Cocktail Society range of bottled cocktails includes a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, Coconut & Kaffir Lime Daiquiri, Negroni Bottled Cocktail, Oak Aged Sloe Negroni, Passion Fruit Martini and Tommy’s Margarita.

Bottled Cocktails RRP: £12.00 – £28.00. Cocktail Kits RRP: £39.00. Quarterly and Monthly Cocktail Subscriptions RRP: £40. All Available from: The Cocktail Society

The Fizz Gift – Van Hunks MCC Sparkling Wine Gift Box

Van Hunks MCC’s are a range of South African sparkling wine equivalents to Champagne from the viticultural paradise of Stellenbosch. Hand crafted using a traditional method identical to Méthode Champenoise, Van Hunks MCC’s are bottle fermented in small batches and matured in contact with the lees for over two years.

Van Hunks Gift Box RRP: £20 for 75cl bottle. ABV: 12%. Available from: Van Hunks Drinks and Amazon

The Blue Gift – Mermaid Gin Gift Set

The Mermaid Gin Gift Set Includes a 70cl Mermaid Gin and two gold-patterned Copa glasses

RRP: £62.50. Available from

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