Celebrate Christmas with Faustino Wines from Spain

If you’re looking for a wine to pair with your Christmas dinner or make mulled wine with, why not try Faustino Riojas from Spain


Faustino Wines are all available from supermarkets including Tesco, Asda and Ocado for easy Christmas shopping this year.

Faustino Gran Reserva Rioja

Rioja, although not the first bottle you think of to pair with turkey, is always a crowd-pleaser. Faustino Gran Reserva is a perfect special occasion wine that is both complex and elegant, with fruity and spicy notes, as well as with pleasant notes from the barrel ageing and a long and silky finish.

Faustino Gran Reserva RRP: £17.00 for a 75cl bottle | Available from Asda, Tesco & Ocado

Faustino VII Rioja Mulled Wine

To kick off the festive season, using Faustino VII Rioja, create a warming Faustino Mulled Wine.

1 large orange | 1 bottle of Rioja | ¼ cup brandy | 2 tablespoons of honey | 2 whole cinnamon sticks | 3 star anise | 4 whole cloves

Bring to the boil and enjoy!

Faustino VII RRP – £8.00 for a 75cl bottle – Available from Tesco, Asda & Ocado

Faustino Rosé

Rosé might not be the obvious choice for Christmas but Faustino Rosé Rioja pairs well with pasta and vegetables, along with grilled fish and cheese. It is also delicious with cakes and desserts so why not swap out your dessert wine with a glass of Faustino Rosé. Faustino Rioja Rosé is complex and intense with aromas of fresh fruit (raspberry and strawberry) and floral (white flowers, almond, orange blossom, rose).

Faustino Rosé RRP – £7.00 for a 75cl bottle. ABV: 12.5%
Available from: Asda

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