Kitchenaid introduces new Beetroot Colour

Celebrating the Vibrancy of Everyday Moments And Reminding Us To Savour Simple Joys In 2022

Beetroot Kitchenaid

Since 1955, KitchenAid have championed the power of colour to fuel creativity. The latest addition of NEW BEETROOT – a lush magenta with a luxurious satin finish – reflects the vibrancy found in making the most of everyday moments, and puts an unexpected twist on the familiar, sparking creativity in the kitchen.

It’s easy to overlook the simple joys that can be found within everyday lives. The energizing and uplifting hue of BEETROOT is a reminder to adventurous cooks of all skill levels to uproot the ordinary and see the making and baking possibilities in the kitchen (and beyond) through a new lens.

The Artisan Tilt-Head 4.8L Stand Mixer in BEETROOT comes with a stainless-steel bowl, though there’s also a wide selection of options from ceramic designs to quilted or hammered effect bowls available. Standard accessories include a flex edge beater, dough hook, wire whisk, pastry beater and extra 3L stainless-steel bowl. For even more versatility there are over 15 exceptional, dishwasher-safe, extras for the famous attachment-ready Culinary Hub enabling everything from slicing, grating, mincing, chopping and peeling, to juicing and spiralizing, along with a time-saving Sifter & Scale.

BEETROOT serves as an invitation to make every day more vibrant

Assembled in sturdy die-cast metal, the stable Artisan Stand Mixer fuses legendary design with outstanding engineering and durability making it, quite simply, the ultimate culinary companion. Wondering what to do with your beetroot? The earthy flavour of this vibrant vegetable works well roasted, boiled and juiced. Low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants any number of dishes including pancakes, hummus, salads, soups, cakes and brownies benefit from this health- food titan.

The Artisan K400 Blender in BEETROOT easily powers through the toughest ingredients. Apples and almonds, carrots, kale and coconut, ice and seeds are no match for the stable die-cast metal base, 1.5 peak HP motor and unique asymmetric stainless-steel blades – precisely angled to work with the 1.4L ribbed glass jar – to create a mighty blending vortex to tackle the most tricky of ingredients head on. Making the smoothest, best tasting soups, sauces and smoothies couldn’t be easier or quicker. For a speedy pasta sauce simply put peeled, roasted beetroot into a blender with olive oil, salt, garlic and chilli flakes and whizz to a smooth paste.

Simple, intuitive controls include 3 pre-set recipe programmes for crushed ice, icy drinks and smoothies. There’s a ‘pulse’ feature for tackling fibrous veg as well as a self-cleaning cycle.

The ‘Soft Start’ option sets the motor at a slower speed to pull food onto the blades, then quickly increases to the selected speed setting to avoid splatter. Adaptive motor and Intelli-speed Control senses ingredients and maintains the optimal speed to produce the perfect taste and texture – whether silky smooth or chunky.

Discover even more possibilities with the Artisan K400 Blender optional accessories including a 500ml personal jar, 200ml small batch jug and 1L citrus press.

Making every day extraordinary, the Artisan Stand Mixer (RRP £599) and Artisan K400 Blender (RRP £299) in NEW BEETROOT are available from

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