House-Proud Brits Relax with A Spot of Cleaning

Did you know that house-proud Brits spend the equivalent of almost 10 whole days a year – 237 hours – cleaning their homes according to a new survey commissioned by floorcare experts, VAX

Platinum Smart Wash

Among the 2000 adults polled, vacuuming emerged as the most relaxing cleaning task, with people spending on average over four hours a week vacuuming, polishing and wiping down surfaces. Almost a third of respondents admitted to enjoying cleaning because it makes them feel less stressed and 41 per cent like to clean to take their mind off other things. More than half even admitted to cleaning things which don’t need sprucing up just to alleviate stress or anxiety. Over 15 per cent of respondents admitted to dancing as they clean, with 50 per cent of respondents listen to music whilst cleaning to make it as fun as possible.

More than half of adults also said they keep on top of things by doing regular ‘basic’ cleans, with more than a fifth following up with a deep clean at least once a month. Half said they feel productive – like they are doing something worthwhile when they’re cleaning, and almost 40 per cent said having a clean home instantly makes them feel less stressed. Thirty-seven per cent agree a tidy house equals a tidy mind, and after cleaning, a whopping 70 per cent claim to feel satisfied, with respondents also stating they felt happier and more relaxed.

Positive psychology expert and author of ‘The Little Book of Happiness’, Miriam Akhtar said: “Cleaning the home can be viewed as a chore but it does have some unexpected benefits for your mental wellbeing. Engaging the brain in a repetitive activity such as vacuuming has a calming effect, which helps you deal with stress by giving you a mental break so that you can regroup.

Cleaning is also a surprising way of getting into a ‘flow state’, when you’re fully absorbed in what you’re doing and time seems to fly by. It’s the hugely satisfying state of being ‘in the zone’. You tend to get into flow more easily when it’s clear what needs to be done and you get immediate feedback, such as seeing the spots and stains on the carpet disappear. The physical activity of cleaning also releases endorphins and the end result of a cleaner home helps ease stress, reduce anxiety, lifts the mood, and then makes it easier to concentrate.”

Decluttering expert Rachel Burditt, also known as @thedeclutterdarling, commented, “These findings reflect your home is your sanctuary, a place to relax from the outside world. By reducing, organising and tidying your possessions in the home, you should become less distracted by your surroundings and more focused on enjoying the moment. The actual process of cleaning and getting rid of the clutter can be an enjoyable and soothing process for many, and when order is restored, it makes relaxing in both your body and mind, a much easier scenario.

VAX develops its range of floorcare products using innovative technology to help make cleaning as easy and enjoyable as possible. AMG has tested several of their Good Housekeeping approved and Which? Best Buy products over the years which include:

VAX Platinum SmartWash is the UK’s first carpet washer with motion sense technology. This home carpet washing kills over 99% of bacteria trapped in your carpet fibres that can cause bad smells and also outperforms the UK’s leading rental. Quick clean mode leaves carpets dry in as little as just one hour.

The motion sense technology and triggerless design make it effortlessly simple to use, as the intelligent motion sense technology automatically dispenses the correct mix of clean water and VAX Platinum Antibacterial Solution when you push forward to wash, and dries when you pull back.

Buy direct from priced £299.99 including 2 x 250ml VAX Platinum Antibacterial Solution and 1 x 250ml Pre-Treatment Solution, free delivery and a free steam cleaner worth £59.99.*only when purchasing direct from VAX

VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 cordless vacuums are proven to clean carpets better than the UK’s top 3 best-selling cordless vacuums , and have the cleaning performance of the UK’s best-selling corded uprights . Lightweight at 3.1kg and ergonomically designed, their 4.0 Ah battery is fully charged in just three hours, with up to 45 minutes high performance cleaning time per battery . The 2-in-1 design also means a simple click of a button converts the VAX ONEPWR Blade 4, Blade 4 Pet, and Blade 4 Pet & Car cordless vacuums from upright handstick to handheld, making it versatile to clean floors and above the floor surfaces and furnishings.

The VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 range is available direct from, priced from £219.99 to £369.99 including a free toolkit worth over £50.

The new VAX SpotWash Home Duo spot cleaner is the must have cleaning companion for your home, which is perfect for getting rid of everyday accidental spills and stains on your upholstery, carpets, pet beds and car interiors. SpotWash Home Duo has an Extra Wide 2-in-1 Wash Tool to help tackle large areas and remove spills and stains quickly and easily, as well as a dedicated Messy Clean Up Tool which is perfect for pet mess or grubbier tasks like muddy trainer marks.

An additional Crevice Tool combats spills that have spread into awkward spaces, such as along furniture edges, furnishing creases, skirting boards and stair edges. The compact shape means it can be stored away conveniently in a kitchen cupboard ready for use, while the cleaning tools and solution pack away neatly into the storage bag. Priced £149.99 with 1 x 250ml Vax Spot Washer Antibacterial Solution direct from

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