Get that Fruity Feeling – JJ Whitley introduces Blackcurrant and Rose Vodka

JJ Whitley has just announced the launch of Rose and Blackcurrant vodka, delivering new and exciting flavours in line with the latest drinks trends

JJ Whitley Vodkas

These are two new fruity flavours of vodka hitting the shelves this summer that you don’t want to miss. Not only are these new flavours the perfect summer tipple, but the eye-catching bottles will guarantee attention for all the right reasons.

The JJ Whitley vodka range is not just about offering a great quality vodka at an accessible price point, but also delivering new and exciting, trendy flavours. The launch of their new Blackcurrant and Rose vodkas are no exception, with the Blackcurrant liquid tapping into the trend for nostalgic flavours, and Rose vodka lending itself perfectly to a delicious summer spritz serve.

JJ Whitley Blackcurrant is a wheat-based vodka, with tart dark fruit notes and sweet berry flavours. This delicious flavour can be enjoyed simply with lemonade and lemon wedge garnish, or you could try this perfect summer drink, the Vodka Bramble. All you will need is 50ml Blackcurrant Vodka, 30ml lemon juice, and 25ml sugar syrup.

You can pick up a bottle of JJ Whitley’s Blackcurrant Vodka from Sainsbury’s for £16.

Peter Morrell, Editor comments “This really is a class act, the vodka is packaged in a highly attractive, iridescent bottle, which is the same colour as the vodka when it’s poured. I expected this vodka to be sweet and syrupy, like creme de cassis, but it was the reverse. It’s a very pleasing, light, very fruity drink, that you can drink on its own, or neat to over ice. As the recipe above shows, it’s also a great base for cocktails. I’ve been trying a few things, making a Summer Cobbler Cocktail, and adding a single shot to a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc, which makes a luxury pre-dinner Kir.

JJ Whitley Rose Vodka fuses artisanal vodka with vibrant fruity flavours of rich strawberries and tasty red berries.

This vodka can be used to make a refreshing English Rose Spritz. All you need is 40ml Rose Vodka, 20ml Lanique, 25ml lemon juice, and a grapefruit soda top-up.

Buy from ASDA

For more information about where to purchase JJ Whitley Vodka, or to find more cocktail inspiration, visit:

Halewood Artisanal Spirits

JJ Whitley is one of a range of spirit brands in the portfolio of Halewood Artisanal Spirits. I have been writing about the spirits Halewood produce for at least 5 years and recently went to an event where they were showcasing their latest products. I was amazed about how much the range has expanded over the years. For example, JJ Whitley, who started distilling in 1762, now has some 17 different plain and flavoured vodka on offer. Other brands which have grown are Whitley Neil Gin, with 19 flavours, and Dead Man’s Fingers Rum with 20 variants. I also tasted the excellent Aber Falls Single Malt Whisky made with local Welsh water and ingredients.

Also in the range are The Pogues Irish Whiskey, Liverpool Gin, Crabbie’s beer and whisky, and Mary-le-Bone gin.

To see the complete range, go to

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