Brighten up your January

Enjoy some sunshine with Australian wines from Tesco

Tesco Australian Wine

This January, bring some sunshine to your wine rack with these delicious Australian wines from Tesco. Whether you’re celebrating Australia Day (26th Jan), or just fancy bringing some warmth to these chilly evenings, there’s something for all tastes and budgets at Tesco.

Tesco Wine Product Development Manager Graham Nash says “This is a great time of year to explore Australian wines and bring a little Aussie sunshine to the colder months. Australian winemakers are known for their spirit of innovation and that, paired with the diversity in the conditions and climates of its vineyards, means the country produces a huge range of styles. From delicate sparkling rosé and honeyed, floral sweet wine, to bracing, lime-scented whites and warming reds, there really is something for every wine fan and every budget.”

Taparoo Valley Australian Chardonnay – £4.25

Tesco Finest Tingleup Riesling – £9 (£8 for Clubcard Holders only until 30/01)

Mad Fish Sauvignon Blanc – £9.50 (£7 for Clubcard Holders only until 30/01)

Taparoo Valley Australian Merlot – £4.25

Tesco Finest GSM – £9

Penfold’s Koonunga Hill Shiraz – £10

Bird in Hand Sparkling Rosé – £16

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora – £8.50

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