Al Dente Donates Profits and Pasta to Local Foodbank

Al Dente gives back to the South Kensington community they’ve just been welcomed into!

Al Dente

In a world of rising bills, Al Dente puts affordability and community at the top of their priority list.

Already boasting an affordable menu, with high quality pasta such as the Spaghettino

Sciuè Sciuè for only £9.50, Al Dente has taken an extra step by becoming more aware of today’s climate and supporting those most in need in the South Kensington & Chelsea community.

On Friday 27th January,

Al Dente will donate food boxes to the South Kensington & Chelsea Foodbank, part of the wider Trussell Trust network, featuring classic dishes including Penne all’Arrabbiata and Paccheri al Ragú made fresh on site using their signature Pastificio.

Additionally, Al Dente will donate 5% of their Friday dinner service profits from these two dishes to the South Kensington and Chelsea Foodbank.

In the last six months Trussell Trust has seen an additional 320,000 new first-time users attending their foodbanks, and due to the rising cost of living crisis, a decrease in donations by a whopping 46%. The South Kensington & Chelsea foodbank alone has seen double the number of visitors in the last 6 months and urgently need our help.

Co-founder Fillipo Gallenzi stated: “We are thrilled to be able to work with such a special organisation that is dedicated to helping the community, especially during these trying times. We hope that our pasta boxes and donation will bring the most vulnerable members of the South Kensington some relief this January.

Al Dente will bolster their donations with a two part #backtobasics series on their social media accounts. Head Chef Andrea Angeletti will give followers mini tutorials on how they can cook delicious, low-cost Italian meals, honing in on simple ingredients that are accessible for all, while still creating a delicious Italian dish.

Head Chef Angeletti became a Michelin-starred chef in 2004. He joined the Al Dente group as Executive Chef in 2021 and is a trusty source of knowledge when it comes to authentic Italian food tips and tricks.

To donate directly to the food bank, visit 

Al Dente
65 Old Brompton Rd, South
Kensington, London SW7 3JS

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