Wise Bartender shares list of mocktails and alcohol-free drinks

Wise Bartender, the award-winning online retailer that specialises in alcohol-free drinks, has produced a list of drinks that are Muslim-friendly

Muslim Friendly Drinks

The list, which simplifies the search process for anyone looking for a wider choice of drinks to enjoy, has been launched to provide alternative suggestions of drinks to share at Iftar and beyond the end of Ramadan.

With a range of over 450 alcohol-free products in stock, Wise Bartender publishes categories that enable customers to reference specific dietary requirements including gluten-free, vegan, low sugar and has now added Muslim-friendly to its website.

Tom Ward, founder of Wise Bartender explained “We are always responsive to the needs of our customers and noticed that we were starting to get queries asking which of our alcohol-free drinks were Muslim-friendly. In particular, we realised that there was a demand for refreshing drinks that are lower in sugar than some of the options traditionally drunk after sunset during Ramadan. We have initially identified 20 products that are suitable, including a range of mocktails and have set up a separate category to readily identify those drinks that are Muslim-friendly.”

For anyone who wants to explore alcohol-free drinks but wants to try a variety rather than buying one option in bulk, Wise Bartender differs from most other online retailers by selling individual bottles or cans rather than requiring a multiple unit or case purchase. It also offers a Price Promise which matches the price of in-stock products offered on identical terms by other online retailers*, reinforcing its competitive pricing and giving customers confidence that if they shop with Wise Bartender they are getting the best deal possible – or they can claim the difference back.

By classifying drinks as Muslim-friendly, I hope that Wise Bartender can provide a more efficient service for our Muslim customers” added Tom Ward “but if anyone has any questions, we can be contacted by phone (0333 050 1068), email or via our online chat function.”


About Wise Bartender

Wise Bartender is a growing family business that was founded in 2017 and blends two of the most important things in life health and family. It was established to provide a convenient, easy and reliable way to purchase a wide range of alcohol-free drinks without having to invest in a full case without having tried the drink first. So Wise Bartender is all about flexibility, with all drinks available as single bottles or cans with no minimum order.

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