Guernsey Launches Brand New Food Festival – Taste Guernsey

The perfect day out for foodie fanatics, the inaugural Taste Guernsey Food Festival celebrates the best of Guernsey’s culinary talent

Seafront Sunday with Jean-Christophe Noveli

A new Guernsey food festival showcasing the best local produce on the islands is to launch next month, from 1st – 30th April 2023. The festival has been established to showcase some of the island’s best restaurants and chefs, as well as produce, in a month-long event that will celebrate the breadth of culinary flair on the island. Whilst the event is a festival, it is also a competition between local chefs, testing their skills and abilities to create local favourites and legendary dishes, using locally sourced ingredients such as spider crabs and mussels.

Over 20 local establishments have now signed up to partake in the festival, each drawing up a menu that makes use of local dairy products, with an emphasis on local seafood. Restaurants such as Drifters Bar & Bistro will be serving up menus using locally picked potted crab and braised Guernsey beef bourguignon, to name a few of the ingredients on offer.

Visitors to the festival will be given the opportunity to sample and taste-test their dishes, and later vote for the chance to win £1,200 in restaurant vouchers.

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