Groove Pillow – Review

The ideal solution for people suffering from neck and upper back pain

groove pillow

The Groove® memory foam pillow relieves neck and upper back pain, stiffness, and tension headaches. It gently corrects your posture while you sleep, eliminating the root cause of your pain.

The pillow supports your head and neck, reducing stiffness, tension, and discomfort overnight, and you’ll sleep better as a result. It works wonders for back and side sleepers of all ages (13+) by promoting neutral spine alignment it will improving your posture and compensate for slouching.

The Groove Pillow® has a unique dip which cradles your neck, applying gentle pressure to all the aches and stiff spots. It relaxes your muscles and opens your airways, reducing snoring and helping you breathe more easily and healthily. It prevents your spine from curling into an unhealthy position and keeps your blood flow balanced so you don’t wake up with numbness.

How The Groove Pillow® works

Groove Pillow Science

Peter Morrell, Editor comments “After a fairly gruelling few months preparing for a house move, my wife and I were both suffering with pains and strains in the shoulders and neck muscles, so we decided to try the Groove memory foam pillow. I thought I would need a few nights to adjust to its unorthodox shape. In fact, it was fine from the beginning, I had a very good first night’s sleep, and the amount of muscle stiffness I woke up with showed a definite improvement. After a few nights my aching muscles were practically gone. My wife had a similar experience, with a marked improvement, in her discomfort.

I would recommend this to anyone suffering from neck, shoulder or upper back pain.”

The Groove® memory foam pillow, and accessories like the Groove® Ultra-Soft Pillow Protector and pillowcases can be purchased from the Groove website.

About the Inventor, Alex Gatehouse

From a young age, Alex had a creative nature using resources around him to create strange inventions out of old cereal boxes, toilet roll cardboard and other odds and ends then trying to sell them outside the family home. As a young teenager he started several businesses that were inspired by his interest in fashion as well as health and wellness. Whilst studying at University, Alex realised there was a gap to offer an alternative to highly processed, junk food to students and deliver healthy meals at affordable prices instead. To provide a solution to this problem, Alex identified and leased unused kitchen space on campus then hired qualified chefs to cook the meals and students to deliver the meals. He soon grew the business to a team of 22 cooks and delivery couriers as well as a management team achieving throughput of 150 meals per day on campus. The offer was fresh, healthy meals delivered to your door within 30 minutes of online ordering.

At the age of 23, Alex Gatehouse, founded Groove Pillows in August 2019 with an investment of £1500 from his personal savings and using his bedroom as his office space. Alex was struggling with neck pain and his physiotherapist suggested that it could be his sleep posture that was causing his pain and that a more supportive memory foam or latex pillow may help alleviate the condition.

Having tried multiple pillows in the market but none provided the support he needed to relieve his neck pain, Alex decided the answer might lie in developing his own pillow, and he sourced and analysed existing scientific research papers before sketching out some of his own designs. After extensive due diligence to find the right manufacturing partner in China, he went into production having secured an arrangement with a company that was able to produce his pillow to required quality standards and within his self-funded budget. The production remains in China to stay cost effective which enables Groove Pillow to be affordable and meet Alex’s mission to eliminate the misery of living with neck pain for as many people as possible.

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