Discover lesser-known grape varieties this summer with a little help from Tesco

This summer, why not try something new in the wine aisle? Peter Morrell tastes a unique white from Argentina

Tesco Grape Varieties

Tesco wine experts have selected an amazing array of wines that feature lesser-known grape varieties, and they are perfect to pair with your favourite BBQ foods. Looking for something similar to Merlot? Why not try a Carménère to go alongside your steak? Want to impress guests with something other than Sauvignon Blanc? Albariño is a must-try.

From refreshing and crisp whites to aromatic and fruity reds, Tesco has the perfect selection to expand your horizons while being assured of great quality and value, whichever wine style you prefer.

A snapshot of some exceptional lesser-known grape varieties in store and online:

If you like a Crémant de Loire, try…

Prince Charmat English Sparkling Wine, 12% abv, £15.00

This award-winning English sparkling from West Sussex is made from English heritage grape varieties selected from vineyards across the country. With fragrant aromas of honeysuckle and peach, this sparkling wine is refreshing and crisp with hints of apple, stone fruit and citrus on the palate. Try it alongside BBQ shellfish or a creamy potato salad.

If you think nothing can beat Champagne, try…

Tesco Finest Blanquette de Limoux, 12.5% abv, £9.50

The oldest sparkling wine, Blanquette de Limoux was first created by Benedictine monks. The best Mauzac and Chenin grapes are blended to produce a wine that’s bursting with complex flavours of peach, green apples and a toasted brioche finish. Perfect served as an apéritif or with grilled prawn kebabs.

Keen on Gewurtztraminer or Riesling? Try…

Tesco Finest Torrontes, 13% abv, £7.00

Peter Morrell commentsTorrontes was created in Argentina by cross breeding other types of grape and is now recognised as a varietal in its own right. The Tesco Finest Torrontes is grown in the northwest of Argentina in Salta Province. Many vineyards are in the mountainous part of the province, where Torrentes is grown up to 5000 feet above sea level. This geographic location features hot days and cold nights which help the grapes produce such aromatic flavours.

I recently tasted the Tesco Finest Torrontes which is made by Argentina’s renowned Catena winery. There is nothing shy or retiring about this wine, the bouquet offers strong floral aromas of rose and honeysuckle, with hints of fruit. On the palate there is a bowlful of tropical flavours, lychee is the most pronounced, but others are well defined, like peach and citrus. There is also a touch of spice, and a background of muscat grapes. The acidity gives the wine a refreshing zing, making it an ideal drink to pair with Thai dishes and aromatic curries. The finish is light, fruity, and persistent.

“You really must try this unique wine, it’s difficult to find, but this example from Tesco is excellent, and great value for money.

If you like Sauvignon Blanc, try…

Tesco Finest Viñas del Rey Albariño, 13% abv, £9.50

Made from hand-picked grapes grown in the cool vineyards of northern Spain’s Rías Baixas region, an area famed for its high quality Albariño. The grapes are exposed to cooling Atlantic breezes which ensure they ripen slowly, developing intense aromas and concentrated flavours. Expect notes of apricot, honeysuckle and fresh grapefruit, paired with a palate that is dry, crisp and refreshing. Serve it alongside barbecued seabass or grilled padrón peppers.

If you love Pinot Grigio, try…

Tesco Finest Passerina, 13% abv, £7.00

This refreshing white is made from southern Italy’s rare Passerina grape, which gets its name from the sparrow that enjoys eating them. Made by Citra Winery in Abruzzo, an area known for its high-quality wines that benefit from its Mediterranean climate, it has flavours of bright citrus and white peach. Delicious alongside grilled asparagus or swordfish.

If you’re a fan of Chablis, try…

Tesco Finest Falanghina del Sannio DOC 13% abv, £9.00

This crisp and complex wine has been crafted by Feudi using native Falanghina grapes from Campania. Some lees ageing gives added depth to the perfectly balanced flavours of orange peel, stone fruit, acacia flowers, and leaves a deliciously long fresh finish. Try it with a goats cheese salad or grilled salmon.

Looking for a change from your favourite Malbec? Try…

DV Catena Cabernet Franc Historico, 13.5% abv, £12.00

Produced by family-owned Catena Zapata, this Argentinian wine is made from Cabernet Franc grapes sourced from the family’s historic vineyards in San Carlos. It has notes of ripe red berries and a touch of eucalyptus and black pepper, with robust tannins and a smooth, lengthy finish. This would be delicious served alongside some spicy merguez sausages or charred aubergines.

If you want to switch it up from Merlot, try…

Tesco Finest Peumo Carménère, 14% abv, £8.00

A rich and well-balanced wine made from Carménère grapes grown in Chile’s iconic Peumo region situated within the Cachapoal Valley. Deep in colour, this wine has gentle aromas of wild herbs, chocolate notes and juicy dark berry and plum flavours. Serve with lamb burgers or grilled Mediterranean vegetables.

If you love Rioja, try…

Tesco Finest Douro, 13% abv, £10.00

This Portuguese red is made of indigenous grape varieties grown and handpicked on the breath-taking slopes of the Douro Valley. It is a powerful, yet elegant wine boasting red and black fruits and subtle spice, which leads to a harmonious palate with a long, concentrated finish. Perfect to go with your favourite beef or vegetarian burgers.

If you like Sauternes, try…

Casa Maña Moscatel de Valencia, 15% abv, £5.35

This aromatic dessert wine is made from the highest-quality Muscat grapes grown in Valencia. A richly sweet dessert wine full of fresh, grapey and floral flavours with a lemon curd finish, it is the perfect match

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