Louis Pommery England, the ideal sparkling wine to toast the Queen

This Hampshire made sparkling wine is the quintessential drink to celebrate the Monarch’s 70-year reign. Peter Morrell is highly impressed with its quality

Louis Pommery

If there was a sparkling wine that matched the importance of the Queen’s Jubilee, it has got to be the Louis Pommery England Brut English sparkling.

French champagne makers, who produce well-known names like Heidsieck & Co. Monopole, chose the Pinglestone Estate in Arlesford, Hampshire to create a 100 acres vineyard. The chalk rich soil, and slopes, that face primarily south, are ideal for the production of the three classic champagne grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.

I recently tasted the Louis Pommery England Brut and was highly impressed with the quality of the wine, and the fact that it has been produced in England.

The wine pours a light straw colour and lively, fast moving, small bubbles create a fine mousse on the surface. There are strong aromas of apple, citrus, with brioche tones in the bouquet. In the mouth, it has a good buttery body, and the palate exhibits a range of flavours. The citrus and apples remain and are joined by peaches, and pears, with stronger toasty/biscuit notes. It has good minerality, and the acidity is well balanced, making the wine very fresh. The finish is lively, with persistent fruit flavours.

This combination of the English ‘Terroir’ and French expertise has produced a superb sparkling that is genuinely fit for a Queen.

You can drink Louis Pommery England Brut on its own, or pair with seafood and light salads.

Available from Ocado and Majestic with an RRP of £35.99

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